#MusicMonday – Dezaray Dawn

Dezaray Dawm - Chameleon EP

Who: Dezaray Dawn. She’s an indie songwriter and singer. Neo-soul artist Anthony David is a cousin, as are Sean Stockman of Boys II Men fame, and Tiny from Xscape. (Read her bio here)

How Did I Discover Her: She followed me on Twitter, silently. During one of my cleanup rounds, I commented that I like her picture because she reminds me of an Egyptian Queen. A few days later, I went to her MySpace page, listened to her music snippets and fell in love with her ever since.

First Impression: True to the “Neo-Soul Sound”, the back drop of the title single of the EP (Chameleon) took me back to the days of Janet Jackson’s dance tracks. The rest of this EP makes me feel like I’m listen to a futuristic soul singer. My only regret is that it’s only an EP with 5 songs (or 4 songs and 1 Remix). However, for 30 minutes of soulful honest music, it’s worth supporting the artist. You can mix her songs along with your other soulful tracks and it won’t skip a beat.

Hard Hitting Track: Chameleon. (Check it out below) I like all of them, but this is by far my favorite.

How To Get The Music: Chameleon EP is a free download for a limited time. Afterwards it’s $5. However, do donate if you like the EP. I know that the full album release will be something to look forward to.

Dezary Dawn’s Twitter :: Dezary Dawn’s MySpace :: Dezary Dawn’s Official Website/Blog

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Aaron McGruder On Twitter? Could Be…

Aaron's Twitter account, talking about a possible episode of the Boondocks called "The Fundraiser"

Is Aaron McGruder on Twitter? This unusually quiet commentator on Black Culture and American Politics (oh and creator of the Boondocks, if you didn’t know) seems to have signed up for a Twitter account. He’s not much of a Twitter user (when compare to Questlove and Skillz), and his account is not verified, but his talks about Boondocks Season 3 and seems to keep it official.

Season 3 is coming out soon!

Because anyone can fake their Identity on Twitter, I can’t really say if this is news or not. But if it’s really is him, sounds like Boondocks Season 3 may come out sooner than later.

How Mixman Failed to become a DJ Hero

Note: March 12, 2012 – Recently, Mixman Technologies had released a new version of their software for Intel AppUp, an App Store for Windows 7. Currently, there are two versions of this software, Mixman and Mixman: Spin Control. Mixman: Spin Control is offered for free until March 18, 2012. Also, if you have past versions of the software, the old files will work with. The DM2 controller, however, is not supported. There will be a full review of the new software in the near future, so stay tuned.

DJ Hero, a game modeled after Guitar Hero, is making tracks as one of the first video games where the DJ is the central character. And while there were other hip-hop themed games, this one focuses on scoring points. However, I can’t help but think that I saw this turntable concept before. So, let me thell you about a game that was actually an earlier and stylish form of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software that came out way before DJ Hero, Guitar Hero… even the music producer games such as MTV Music Generator for the game systems. Allow me to (re)introduce you to: the Mixman.

Feel Free to Zoom in

Back in college (1997/98) when the Internet was literally for the bleeding edge geeks, I was rapping and performing shows in the Virgin Islands. After performing songs over other artists beats for a while, naturally, I wanted to remix and create my own beats. So, I studied music production by getting any information from the Internet and music equipment store back on St. Thomas. While I managed to collect a keyboard, I was never able to get two turntables and a mic that isn’t a computer knockoff. The next best thing was to get a DAW and while Acid existed back then, it was expensive. So, this is where the Mixman came in.
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The Return of Thought Remixer… Eventually

Hey, what’s going on? First off, I apologized for the long, unannounced hiatus. Between personal problems, MJ’s death, and the randomness that is life, I have yet to sit down and put together a thought that will spark.

However, the other problem is the quality of my blog posts have not been up to par as of late. Along with the Twitter updates, it seems that I was making myself more random than I really want to broadcast. So, taking a break was pretty much needed.

However, now I’m working up for “Season 2” of Thought Remixer. Here are some thoughts you can look forward to:

  • Did you know that before DJ Hero, there was a Digital Audio Workstation that acts like a game, but you can create your own music with it? Is that company still around?
  • After what seems to be forever, Striply Drama will be returning! Kirk Roland will be back in the mix, taking stabs at his ongoing quest to get back to the top!
  • A woman is attacked by her mate on the streets, in board day light? What would you do? If the answer that comes to your mind is a blank, you’re not the only one thinking this. You might want to read why sticking your neck out might be useless.
  • It’s a list of places Black people are to protest that gets forward every single year. Why it’s not worth the trouble even paying this list any mind? You’ll see.
  • Also, a conversation about “The Obama Deception” and a general overview of the market for conspiracy.

All that and more will be coming in this month. Plus, the usual dramatics, music videos, and breaking in new music from both mainstream &new artists. Plus, as you probably notice, there will be a new design up and running. (The old one is broken due to WordPress upgrades. I shouldn’t have upgraded without checking…)

So, stay tuned! Thought Remixer returns next week!

Russell Simmons Tweeted That He’s Suing Def Jam

A few minutes ago, I sneak a peek at my Tweetdeck (an application use to access Twitter) and Necole Bitchie said something about Russell Simmons suing Def Jam via Twitter, then deleted it. Since Tweetdeck captures any tweet and I am currently following Russell Simmons (known as Uncle Rush on Twitter), I decided to search for his tweets. And I ran into this:

Uncle Rush suing Def Jam 

Looks like he’s got some explaining to do…

But, this goes to show you once again: Just because you deleted it, doesn’t means it’s gone! So, if it’s legal dealings or something that isn’t shareable with the public, it’s best you don’t tweet it. After all, you are REALLY doing this…

Sorry Uncle Rush… :(