Another “Making The Band”???

So, this is what Diddy reduced himself? Does this man have any… you know… class left?

What’s Wrong With American Idol? [LinkUp]

American Idol: Great show, but have more myths than facts. Today’s LinkUp focus on Bob Baker, author of Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook and Unleash the Artist Within. He (along with other industry insiders, agrees that American Idol promotes 5 different types of myths. One of them being:

Myth #2

Most aspiring musicians lack talent and are delusional, struggling and starving.

The American Idol auditions, in particular, create this illusion. "That’s a huge misconception," says Derek Sivers, founder and president of Portland, OR-based CD Baby, a web site that in 2003 sold $4.6 million worth of CDs (more than 400,000 units) by unsigned acts. "I’m blown away by the tremendous amount of quality music being produced outside the mainstream. Many amazing musicians have decided they’re happier selling 10,000 CDs on their own and making a hundred thousand dollars, than selling a million CDs and being broke on a major label. That’s the reality of today’s music business."

There are a lot of artists on and off the web that deserves the push and is planning on being one of those avenues. So, in a way, this is preparing you for what you’ll see to come on this site.

So, read up and get educated on the 5 myths, people. :)

What’s Wrong With American Idol? – Bob Baker (Link Custody of Ruby Collins)

Dear Aaron McGruder – An Open Letter From A Disappointed Fan…


The following is an open letter about the season so far. My opinions may change after the season runs it course. The last episode played was “Home Alone”.

Dear Aaron McGruder,

Allow me to introduce myself. I used to run a fan site called The Boondocks I’m pretty sure you’re a tad familiar with it. However, I’m not going to talk about the past. I have to detach myself from that because I’m a lot more than just some guy who happened to followed the Boondocks from the first time it appeared in The Source back in the day. I’ll never forget that moment. It was like the first time I saw TMNT killing Shedder in dirty black and white comic during their humble (yet ultra violent and gritty) Mirage beginnings. It was new, different and refreshing. It showed me that comics don’t have to be cute to make a point.

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Congrats to Obama – Now Crank That!

I know I’m late (again), but this is just a quick entry to congratulate Senator Barack Obama on his win in Iowa. While this is not an endorsement by me (not at this time), I will say that what he did even I didn’t see that coming.

So, I will post up something about why I didn’t see this coming, in the meantime, enjoy this victory dance (done months ago, of course).

Life-Remixed is now open!

DJ Start This Party
Photo Credit: Eric Hamilton.
So, the decision have been made. Life-Remixed, is now officially open for business… sort of. The overall design of the site is not final, but the concept is. Instead of chaos, we have organized chaos! The end of the world must be nigh… because I decided to become a blogger!Now, some of you may wonder why I decided to make this site a blog instead of a community site. Others may wonder why I decided to “start over”. Well, I’m going to take the time to briefly say why.
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