Act a fool for $8/hr…

Just curious. If you are getting paid $8/hour to put on a silly Liberty costume and attract attention to the store, you might as well make the best of it. Hopefully, you won’t end up forever on youtube… :)

Hillary Clinton Won… but 40% Uncommitted Votes? Does Michigan Count?

First off, sorry that I’m making this blog more about politics than anything else. However, this is what I feel like talking about at the moment. I swear, it will balance out more as time goes by.

Now, as you may know, Hillary Clinton won last night by a whooping 55% in Michigan. However, 40% of the votes that didn’t count towards Hillary were "uncommitted". Wither these votes goes towards Obama or Edwards is pretty much anyone’s guess. However, there seem to be a strong favoring of Obama over Edwards.

While another state is in the bag, the comments that Ms. Hillary Clinton made over the past few days might had doomed her. The "buzz" for Obama had recently climbed. Also, the delegates voting have Obama leading by 1 vote over Clinton. The Delegate votes here count even more than the popular vote and the country seems to be favoring Obama. Democrats have no Delegate votes from Michigan, so guess what? Yep, Michigan doesn’t count! I’m guessing that the delegates would had voted from Obama or Edwards, but choose not to vote "Uncommitted" as well. It’s still anyone’s game, but my vote (personally) isn’t going to be sway towards Clinton. I feel that Clinton personally doomed herself with the Bob Johnson incident.

And not to be too pro-democratic here, on the Republican side, it seems that Romney seems to be a shoo in from the November run. McCain, as popular as he is, just isn’t turning out the polls. I suggest maybe he should drop out. The game is going to either Romney or Huckabee.

I call… Barack Obama Vs. Huckabee. I think running mates would be John Edwards Vs. Mike Huckabee. Why John Edwards? I have a funny feeling that Hillary won’t consider a Vice-President position. But that’s just me.

Drop Rhymes or other inspirations with and record with your voice [LinkUp]


Got an idea or an inspiration struck your head and you wish you had a minute or two to write it down, yet you don’t have access to a pen and paper? Well, if you have a phone, you can now send yourself an MP3 of your idea. All you need to do is sign up for, where you will get a free 100MB space to drop any file. Then you’ll be able to call in a number and record yourself via cell phone. Once you hang up, you’ll be able to access and download the file as an MP3.

You’ll also be able to share your files with everyone, a few friends, or just keep it to yourself with You can also make your space expires in a day, a week, a month, 6 months or a year.

Now, 100 MBs may not sound like a lot if you’re going to use this for strictly voice, but that’s 400 minutes (close t0 6.5 hours) of storage there.

On the expense side, this is not really a "money saving" method. Unless you don’t plan on buying a voice recorder or you rather not carry one around, this can be very handy to have on speed dial. It’s good to know in case you don’t have a pen and pad in hand.

Hmmm… I wonder if I can record an album with this… – Explaining how to "drop" your voice. (Link custody of

Are Rappers Turning To Steroids? [LinkUp]


Steroids: It’s Not Just For Sport Stars!

Reports are popping up that hip-hop stars like Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Wyclef Jean and Timbaland. However, these are only rumors that the moment, and not actual fact.

While there are ongoing investigations, ABC News finally seem to report something which (somewhat) gave Hip-Hop some good news. They said that while hip-hop artist are proceed as role models, the youth knows the difference between entertainment and reality. The bad news, however, is that they still catagorize hip-hop as being "gangsta". Last I check, only one of the artists listed in the report is doing "gangsta music". The other three are nowhere near there (no rhyming pun intended).

Anywayz, see for yourself, peoples. Let me know what you think.

Are Rappers Turning to Steroids? – ABC News

Wack That Johnson, Bob! – Bob Johnson on Barack Obama

"To me, as an African American, I am frankly insulted the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues — when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood; I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in his book — when they have been involved,"

Lemme guess… you wanted to say "drugs"?

Can someone please tell me why this guy is even on the mic? Or better yet, why should we care?

Yes, folks. He’s a black billionaire. But at the same time, he’s not a reasonable one. After all, he’s the founder of BET, a network that portrays blacks in a very negative light.

Barack Obama is (almost) everything Bob Johnson is not. And for the Clintons to pull this card out is quite frankly disturbing, to say the least (I can say something else, but it’s only January).

Rewind: Nikka Costa – Like A Feather [Music Video]

It’s been a while since we last heard from Nikka Costa. Currently her whereabouts (as far as another album) are a mystery, except that she’s currently with EMI Records, which over the weekend, cut one-third of jobs (close to 2,000). Only time will tell what will become of artists that have a contract with this major.

As for Nikka Costa, her official web site only redirects to her MySpace page. Aritsts who only have a MySpace page are those who just entering into the game, so this move is somewhat weird. What’s even more weird is that according to her MySpace page, her current label is “None”. Is she’s too lazy to update or did she miss this minor, yet important detail? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy this “Rewind”. For more soulful music, be sure to check out her official MySpace page. Link provided below.

Nikki Costa – Official Website/MySpace Page

I Got a Little Hater Inside Me Head…

For my first Productive Tactic, I want to talk to you about a "mind hack". This one in particular I feel that we all can relate to the most. Some call it procrastination. Others call it doubt. Few would even call it fear or worse yet, fear of success. We all different name have a different name for it, and Jay Smooth of deems his "the little hater".

I’m sure that we all had times when we want to beat ourselves up for not doing what we suppose to be doing to advance to the next level. Like you know you’re suppose to be doing homework or that project that will make you the money, but that hater always going to play a trick on you.

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