Open Letter To The Hip-Hop Republicans and Americans

l_4afbf3677dea4da1a1ccc403762c96e4Dear Hip-Hop Republican and Americans:

Congratulations. We did something historic. We put a black man in the highest office known to man. It feels great, knowing that we all did something wonderful. It was a tremendous feeling of accomplishment to see this happened in my lifetime at such a young age. It’s a good feeling to talk to my father and he’s proud to be an American, a country that he became a citizen of back in the early 90s. My brothers and nephews and nieces saw with their own eyes what can be accomplished in the United States of America.

And yet, as great as this victory is and as sweet as it sounds, I must confess that I am not really into this subject of politics.

See, I’m tried of politics as usual and I know this is not going to be my last political post. As long as there’s laws that are racial motivated, as long as the social and culture wars are still in effect, I will always stand up for what’s right. Last night, America shown me that we can stand up to anything. Barack Obama took every single insult in the book. He took everything Republicans, Green Party, Conspiracy Theorists, liars, cheaters, past associations, and still won. He won because we wanted him to win so bad. So, in this case we all won.

But… like I said before… I’m tried of the subject of politics and I’m tried of being listed as this “liberal”. Hell, I’m even tired of being called a “African-American” and we earn the right to be call “American Americans”, but I want to be known as a Black American first and foremost with the emphasis on American. I helped and will still help make this country great and my people proud. That’s the bottom line of this fact.

So, I need your help to do that. First off, I want to teach me your values, your beliefs. I will respect them, no matter how much you don’t like mine. Teach me what it is that I can do to make a compromise with you. I want to hear your solutions as long as you are willing to hear mine. I want us to come together, not as Republicans and Democrats, but as Americans. In doing so, we will do well.

So allow me to say this much… I am a West Indian-American. I’m proud that my father and mother, both immigrants (father is a citizen, mother passed away to cancer), came to this country and gave birth to me. I’m happy that I took part of things to make my community better when I was on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. I’m happy that I’m going to pay a bigger role in bring black artists together. You may not always like my ideals. You may think I take things a bit too far at times. But at the end of the day, I am one of you. I’m only looking out for my ideals just like you. But they are similar ideals: Life, Liberty and that never-ending pursuit for happyness (typo on purpose).

I know that I’m tried of “politricks” as usual. I’m resending my voter’s card and making sure “independent” is on it. Why? Because I don’t want to be listed as someone who supports one party over the other. I support Americans. That’s the reason I voted for my future President. And now, I’m going to work to make sure that he represents me… to the fullest. Not only as a black man, but as an American.

Obama maybe my President, but there’s still a lot of work to do. So tell your kids… we only began…

… I’m Nukirk Digi.tal and I approved this message…

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  • Adony

    Yo, what’s up? I have to admit, even over here in Canada, we’re in a mood to PAR-TEH to celebrate this event. Aside from being a historical milestone, it’s also a mutual victory.
    I especially feel this, ’cause while I live up here with the Black Carribean half of my family (My Mom, younger brother and others), the Greek half, my Father and 4 siblings all live in the U.S.
    After eight years of bad news, it’s good to know my two youngest brothers have a chance at a bright future.
    Cheers and Ghiamas!

  • Mo

    just call us “American Americans.” Gotta luv that! And in the words of Michelle Obama, “Never have I been as proud of my country as I am now.”

  • Geoff

    What’s good Nukirk? Good to see you still shaking us up socially. BAN is getting me excited.

    Anyways, back on topic.

    I was determined to not know a thing about the election. I go to a school full of right-wings. I live in a house owned by a right-wing. I’ve gone through the stages where at 12 years old, I was convinced that I was a revolutionary socialist. I’ve renounced both the Republican and Democratic parties. I can’t even vote (for another 2 months). When I heard about Obama winning, I got excited. I then wondered what my grandfather would’ve thought. I don’t know about the policies or the economy or anything. I just know that this country is in trouble. I hope Obama makes the right decisions during his tenure as President.