Omnibus One: Cockroaches, Cradle Robbers and Blacks Lack Sealegs [LinkUp]

I didn’t blog in a while and a lot had happen. So, I’m going to see how much I can talk about in one post. However, I feel that maybe instead of posting one long entry of how I feel about one issue, I want to post up a few links and short responses to how I feel about others.

All Links custody of the mainstream newsites, of course.

Time to bust an Omni… HIT IT!

DMX: The Black Speed Racer

I’m starting to lose respect for DMX.

I’m just tired of DMX’s actions. I’m even more tired that the media wants me to care about his actions. Especially when it’s an old issue and he just happens to get caught months later. What took Phoenix so damn long? (Another reason why I hate living there. Crazy drivers)

Hillary Is A Cockroach… Refuses to Die…

I dedicate this next song to Sen. Hillary Clinton.


With the Democrats finally giving into the popular status of Sen. Barack Obama as the forerunner, Hillary Clinton looks kind of like a mad woman. Especially when it was revealed that she loaned her campaign more money .Which makes me wonder… what will she’ll be like 8 years later?

Sen. Hillary Clinton, just take the running mate position, please! Better yet, let’s just get someone else… she’s just crazy at this moment… please. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

Rev. Al Sharpton… Another Cockroach That Will Not Die

Al Sharpton: Is he a civil rights leader or a publicity seeker? That’s the question when he decided to have an organized protest with the NAACP and his own National Action Network.

He was arrested for civil disobedience yesterday. The protesters marched across key sections in NYC, blocking traffic and causing gridlock.

I attended this meeting a few weeks ago, but have mix feelings about this step, especially when they decided to block traffic into Manhattan. I’m for getting justice for Sean Bell, but I don’t really understand the reasoning behind being a nescience to the average citizen. No one, but no one, is going to pay attention to the matter if you decided to block their way home during rush hour.

60% of Black Kids Can’t Swim

According to AP, there’s a study showing that “nearly 60 percent of African-American children cannot swim, almost twice the figure for white children”. Do they really need a study for this? Black communities do not have pools because of segregation laws and other twisted things that happened when my grandmother was my age. So, for those who still think that slavery don’t affect us today, here’s living proof of one such activity.

R. Kelly Wants More Time…

R. Kelly is really one of those good examples of “delaying real cases”. This cradle robber’s attorney is seeking to delay the 6-year old case because of “a torrent of publicity surrounding the case.” Why buy more time, sir? R. Kelly isn’t really a private man. He’s very public. When you record something, it’s going to get discovered… by a wife, a groupie, a kid, or YouTube. I don’t understand why can he just go the Ray J route. (you guys google that. I ain’t linking to that ish)

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon???

Speaking of cradle rockers, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? First off, I’m not going to go on and on about how I wanna get with Mariah because I don’t (really, I don’t. Maybe… alright, just maybe.). However, this is probably one of the most left field marriages I ever heard of. When you hear a corny statement like this…

“From the first time we sat down to discuss the video at the Beverly Hills Hotel, we connected,” Cannon said. “We had so much in common spiritually, and we laugh at the same things. I didn’t have to put on my Mac Daddy suave mode. I was able to be myself with her. We are both eternally 12 years old.”

… you know it’s got to be love… of the sappy, corny kind. Now, I am not one to hate on love. If it works out, good for them. Just do me a favor and um… take a page from Jay-Z and Beyonce’s book and try to play it down a bit, huh?

Do We Really Care About This Issue?

Last, and definitely least… a magazine in India claims that Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding was played down because of racial bias. While it does hold water…

… do we really care? I don’t.

And that’s all the news that’s been on my head as of late. Mariah’s wedding not withstanding. (Damn you, Nick. Damn you. Janet Jackson is next, I just know it. Then all my dreams are gone. Well, there’s always Mona Lisa. )

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  • Slapnutz Malone 2: The Return

    There are unspoken truths in the world:

    Michael Jackson likes the company of young boys
    O.J. is embarrassing the human race but not more than George W. Bush is embarrassing America
    and DMX is a bad driver…but what do you expect from an ex-crackhead turned rap icon turned motion picture star? Normal behavior? Nah

    Something I never thought I would see in my ENTIRE FUCKIN LIFE… KENNY RODGERS ON L-R?

    But I have to disagree with you, Cap. She still has a chance, although I hate to admit it. West Virginia is like 90% white rural bygone era mother fuckers and she’s not so far behind she couldn’t come back.

    And don’t expect her to gracefully bow out. I mean really…grace? From that face? Ain’t likely.

    FUCK AL SHARPTON AND REV. WRIGHT. A chance for some spotlight and ya’ll done lost ya’lls mind.

    Black kids can’t swim? Never really crossed my mind that the inner city was short on pools. There’s pools around Atlanta you just have to go to em. It might be a ten minute drive, but there here.

    I can’t believe Kells ain’t already in jail. The only time he needs is in a cell. Just get the trial on fuck stick!

    How did Jay and Beyonce play anything down? They did 2 songs together, made both of those songs singles WITH VIDEOS! They go to sporting events together, do concerts together. They ain’t play down shit and the press certainly ain’t play it down. The only thing they didn’t do is speak on their relationship and alot of celebrity couples don’t do that.

    I hope Nick and Mariah are crazy for each other. Nick is 27! MC is 38! I’m 10 years older than my fiance. And He ain’t no baby. Age ain’t nothing but a number. Beat it up for me Nick!

    As far as Jay and B’s wedding, no. I don’t care. Beat it up for me Jay!