O.J. Simpson: The World’s Biggest Idiot

oj-simpsonWell, I got a news flash from CNN @ 2 in the morning (ain’t Twitter wonderful) that OJ  Simpson was found guilty of (allegedly) leading a group of men to steal his memorabilia.

My thoughts are simple. One, good riddance. Ever since the murder trail (which the article clearly points out that the verdict was delivered 13 year ago), O.J. have been a walking punch line. He was nothing more than a distraction for the media. He can’t be a “normal person”. And by that, I mean, he’s basically walks around like he’s the main event, even when he tries really hard not to.

A smarter person would probably kept a low profile or move to another country. He choose not to and it seems that he literally defines “racial tensions”. When we read reports about him, it’s mostly because white people have a problem with him. He gets kicked out of restaurants, causing commotions everywhere he goes. People feel uptight about him when they are in his presence. However, what takes the cake is when he considers writing a book about called “If I Did It”, an account of how he would have “planned the murders”. The Goldman Family managed to get the publishing rights and OJ gets nothing out of his “hard work” (his ghost writer came forward and wrote the Prologue for the republished book).

Was the verdict motivated by the crime he was charged with? I certainly hope so. However, O.J. = racial tensions. And anybody who symbolizes racial tension is bad for us.

O.J. Simpson have been a big, lame joke and I for one am not laughing…

… at least not at O.J. Simpson, but at Chris Rock’s rant, sure!

Chris Rock on OJ Simpson
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  • http://www.themakingsofme.wordpress.com Mo

    this negro had it coming…that’s all i can really say.