Obama’s Nomination And The Concept of Thought Remixing


For a few days, I was out of the loop in the news. And by that, I mean I didn’t blog about it. However, I kept a few notes about it. On of the major notes, as we all know, is that Senator Barack Obama won the nomination. However, he did it at a cost… a pretty heavy, yet understandable one.

The following video made Obama resign from his church home of 20 years. For some people, it’s a clear sign that Obama left “the black nation”. For others, it gives the media one less thing to attack Obama on. For many, which includes me, it asks the following question…

… why? This move puts me at arms because I’m not sure what to think of Obama. However, Obama in a way is a reflection of me. Here’s what I mean.

On one hand, I’m somewhat a black nationalist. Note the term “somewhat”. I don’t agree with all black nationalists, or at least all the beliefs of a black nationalist. Honestly, I think we are all one and all of the same. However, not everyone will share my belief and this is as real as it gets. So, instead of calling myself a “black nationalist”, I simply prefer the term “thought remixer”, showing that I myself want to take an idea and mix it into a thought of my own.  I know, deep in my heart, that if I stick with a black nationalist plan, that most people will be close minded to my ideas.

However, I also know that I don on the red, black and green, the colors of the Black American flag.So, in a way, my thoughts are deep within the black community. Some would even go as far as calling me a Garveyite or a follower of Malcom X. What no one is aware of is that I wear the colors as a reminder of who I am and to let you know that I will first and foremore think of my people first (an idea Aaron McGruder instilled in me via his earlier Boondock strips). But I will not go around like a New Black Panther, nor do I agree with Al Sharpton’s extreme (and in my opinion, “flashy”) methods. I will always be acceptable, adaptable, and approachable. This is my belief as a thought remixer and this is one I try to share.

This word was coined on September 2006 during a forum discussion. It’s not racist. It doesn’t center around a spiritual belief. It’s constitutional and everyone’s right and everyone’s wrong. It’s something I go by these days, even thought there’s no clear definition.

However, Obama made a clear definition of what a thought remixer should be. And that’s one that takes a stand for his beliefs. I don’t think Obama meant to slap the black nation, I just think he’s trying to remix our thoughts of what we should be thinking about. So, in a way, he resembles me and my movement a bit…

… a work in progress… and growing each day.

So, congrats Obama. Also, congrats to all of the supporters and people who got out the vote.

Now, if we can only get Clinton to get off her high horse. Somebody pass me a stick so I can throw it at her.

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  • Raible

    Superb take on the situation.

    Obviously one day, I’d love to share a beer with you and try to convince you, that black nationalism is not the way, but then again, I understand why you are “somewhat” in sympathy with that line of thought.

    Still, I really believe you and I are both stronger united, and not divided. Then again, as a white man, it is much easier for me to make and believe that statement isn’t it?

    Barack is the classiest politician we’ve seen in some time. Look how he rose above a lot of the garbage flung at him by the Clintons and the white-liberal press.

    I don’t think him winning the presidency will change the inequity and injustice in America, but I do think his presidency will be both historic and positive for all of us.

    At least I hope it will be, and that’s part of what Barack’s candidacy is all about. Let’s hope he can win, despite all the odds set against him. He is attacked by mainstream press almost every day now, and will continue to be attacked until we cast our ballots in November.

    Anyway superb comments, and I could not read them and not stop to give you a “thumb’s up” on what you wrote.

  • Nukirk

    Raible, thanks for your comments.

    As far as my own thoughts, it’s a “who I am” vs. “who we are” situation. The “I’m black, so what?” vs the “I’m black and proud” situation. It’s something I will cover another day.

    Black nationalism is basically a movement that means “build for self”. No one will bat an eye if people of religion or even of established clubs will join together, but once you promote something as “black”, there’s a lot of criticism. We all say we want to live in an equal country and yet, there’s a lot of criticism when a black man tries to build for self. This is another topic all together, tho and I’ll have a lot of time to explain my two cents on it when the time comes.

    I don’t think Obama winning the election is going to help race issues in the US. However, it will be a nice step forward.

    Again, thanks for your input.