Obama Speech Reaction #2: Fear of a Black President [LinkUp]

Raible, a My.Life-Remixed.com member, posted up his own blog about his impression of the speech, but took a different approach and talked about fear and how fear tactics are used by the powers that be to get their own way. Let’s look at part of his rant:

When America tried to abolish slavery, fear-mongers preached that freeing the slaves would destroy the American economy and cause slaves to riot and kill white people. It was that fear, that made people look way from their own conscience and defend the most brutal and unforgivable act in human history.

When America tried to give women the right to vote, fear-mongers preaches that giving women the vote, would lead to the decay of marriage and the rise of weak leadership and chaos.

When America tried to repeal the ugly racism of “Jim Crow” laws and segregation, fear mongers preached that “state’s rights” were being violated and we were descending into communism.
Lately, we’ve been told we have to give up our right to privacy, by supporting the Patriot Act and other such legislation, and that if we didn’t, terrorists would kill us all.

We’ve been told that if we didn’t invade Iraq, the smoking gun would be a “mushroom cloud”, and millions of us would die from weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of course, that didn’t even exist.

All of these tactics were used against ordinary people like you and I, to frighten us, to keep us divided, to keep us suspicious of each other, so that the ruling establishment can continue rule over us, and the status quo is preserved.

We’re about to enter an election where those same fear tactics will be used against us, at a volume that we’ve never seen before. If you thought the “Swift Boat” attacks on John Kerry were cruel and shameful, you haven’t seen anything yet. The 2008 election will make the 2004 election look timid by comparison.

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Fear of a Black PresidentRaible (My.Life-Remixed.com Profile)

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