Obama Is More Than a T-Shirt and a Button…

Obama is more than a T-Shirt Barack Obama is a movement. One that young and old can agree with. One that can change not only history, but also change we need for our most difficult time that we are all witnessing…

… as long as you remember that Obama is more than just a t-shirt and a button.

Here are two questions you should be asking yourself.

  1. Are you 18 and over? If you are not 18, will you be 18 by the end of the year?
  2. Are you registered to vote?

If you answer yes to the first question, but no to the second question, and yet you are talking about all the good things about Barack Obama and what he would do for America, then maybe you need to back up and think for a moment.

The deadlines for most states to register to vote is approaching. For the state of NY, it’s Friday, October 10th. New Jersey, it’s Oct. 14th. Some states are earlier, others are later and very few you can do it at the polls. It’s best that you learn these dates now.

Now, if you are not registered, take a minute and look on my site for a “"Register to Vote” sign on the right. It maybe by this post. Click on it and take a few minutes to print out the form and send it ASAP. If you cannot be at the poll stations, request for an absentee ballot.

Then, what I want you to do is to forward this post to 10 of your (U.S.) friends. You’ll feel a little better if you did, that I can promise you! :)

I will ask the questions for you. Just show them this post.

Now, here’s why I’m getting at you for this. This is one of the most important elections in your life. You looked at the news, you seen the reality. I felt the reality a few days ago. I heard how McCain, is his own words, failed America. McCain is not someone that I want to see leading… if he even survives his first term. His choice for running mate is even more scary… and ironic.

I even seen the mixed reaction of our senior citizens (look below).


Wither or not you take your time to vote will make a difference. You need to register to vote and you need to go down to the poll station or get an absentee ballot and vote. Take 10 minutes learning your rights. If you are served time and currently out, learn your rights.

We want to do elect a leader, a good leader to the White House. Electing Obama is not going to solve all the problems. I’m not going to lecture about Obama, we know you want to vote for him. However, if you don’t do the simple thing like registering… and if he does lose… it’s because all you did was wear a t-shirt.

Register NOW!

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  • http://rhythm-and-bliss.blogspot.com ms shai

    Yeah, i saw those old folks on Jon Stewart last night. That lady in the screen capture was talking so reckless about Michelle Obama’s sexy ass. lmao. As far as pins and buttons and t-shirts go. Not only is Obama not just that, but if you wear that shit to the polls you WILL get turned away. (its illegal to ‘campaign’ within 100 feet of the polling center)

  • Nukirk

    Oh… yeah. THAT would have been helpful to put in that post as well. Will have to update that one. :) Thanks for your feedback!