Note to Remy Ma: Just Take What You Can…

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Sometimes, I forgot that this is an entertainment blog. And sometimes, I forget that this is a blog that uses Hip-Hop as one of the many facets to get a message across. And the message is pretty clear: Remix your thoughts.

However, I can’t seem to place my thoughts on Remy Ma’s latest legal troubles.

As some of you may know, on March 27, Remy Ma (who’s real name is Remy Smith) was charged with intentional assault. The defense had conceded that Remy Ma fired a shot toward a (former) friend she suspected of stealing $3,000, but said it was an accident.

A few days ago on her official MySpace page, she asks her fans to send her letters to hopefully convince the judge to give her a lighter sentence. It says, word-for-word, the following:

Please write letters about how Remy and her music has positively affected you, influenced you, inspired you, etc… in hopes that the judge will be lenient in Remy’s upcoming sentencing. Thank you for all your support.

On one side, this sounds like a reasonable request. This sounds reasonable… if you’re Stevie Wonder. Hell, if Musiq Soulchild was caught stealing lollipops from a baby, I’ll write a letter in a jiffy! “The man made the song ‘love’, leave him alone!” When it comes to Remy Ma, the words “positively affecting” don’t really come to mind. Unless it’s for her looks. Then in that case, she positively affected me to produce a… wait, that’s not professional. (I think Papoose might read this.) Matter of fact, the image I put up may not be professional as all… wait a minute, I’m a blogger… who the hell cares? Well, maybe Papoose…

Anyway, I am not a fan nor supporter of Remy Ma’s music, so she has no influence on me whatsoever. Of course, I do have to question her reasons for asking the fans to do something that they will naturally do for her any way. After all, the word “fan” is short for “fanatic” and according to the dictionary, being fanatic about something means that you have an intense uncritical devotion (another word, obsession) over something (I’m looking at y’all, console fan boys/girls).

So, in this case, her “real fans” will no doubt share their love for her music and how it influence or inspired them. And my views of “influential music” is different from everyone else. After all, if you seen the videos and so on that I post up, you can agree that I’m not going to post just any video up. So, if she want me to write a letter based on her music, then she’s got another thing coming because the letter will most likely be “she taught me that my niggas don’t dance, we just pull up the pants and, do the Roc-a-way.Then lean back.” (I can hear her people saying “hata” right about… now. Especially since that’s Fat Joe’s song.)

Now, the pervious two paragraph was not trying to insult her fans whatsoever. I’m pretty sure you can see my choice of hip-hop is different from yours. Respectfully enough, any celebrity managing to make their way in the industry at least deserves some respect, especially since it’s hard to break into. So, let’s put away that and get to the heart of the matter, which is the following:

Remy Ma had the intentions of shooting someone to get her money back. That’s pretty much the bottom line.

If Remy Ma went to the woman and punched the victim in the stomach, causing her to go to the hospital, that’s a different story. But instead, Remy Ma went into the situation with a gun, which changes the whole story. The difference between a gun and a punch/kick is that unless Remy Ma knows how to kill a person with one blow, you can walk away from a fight. She may have scars, but hey, even a poet won’t scream “murder” after getting knock out. You can still sue the person and maybe get them to serve a little jail time, but at least a few months is nothing.

If you walk into a situation with a gun, no matter how you slice it, you are going in there with an attempt to murder. Not harm, not scare, not even wet the shirt with water… but with blood.

If she was punching this person and have to face even a year, I will be the first to write a grand letter saying she should do at least do 3-6 months probation. However, we are not elementary students and this ain’t no water gun. Anybody that wants to write to Remy Ma’s judge just on how her music influence them instead of her as a person, it goes to show you how sad this society had become.

However, I hope this will be a lesson to all. Once you get into a position where you are in media attention, you leave the petty behaviors where you got it from. I’m not saying “change your image”, just the approach. You can still be intimidating without getting yourself in trouble… unless you’re Suge Knight, then that’s another case altogether.

So my message to Remy Ma is simple: Take your loses. You went to the court all mighty fine without knowing what you can possibly lose.  And while I hate to see woman separated from her child (she screamed out for her son when taking into custody) for maybe the rest of his important years (she may face up to 25 years in prison), you should have weight the decision before you lose your temper. The only thing you can do now is realize the mistake you made and try to make it right… without your fans.

If you can look at the woman you hurt, in her eyes, in private and say you deeply apologize, maybe it may not take the stain off her shirt you messed up that night, but it might heal one of her internal wounds you placed on her. It’s never too late to make up with someone who’s alive and breathing.

Because once you go into prison for X number of years, you’ll see how many fans you’ll really have if you ever come out with less than five years.

On a whole, I look at Remy Ma as Remy Smith.

Remy Smith is a famous black mother who made a mistake during a temper she should have controlled. I blamed her crew for allowing this to escalate into something bigger than her and thanks to this fact, there is now a son who have to spend a part of his time without his mother…

… and that’s real.

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  • Buttaluv

    I disagree with you, my friend’s boyfriend was on trial for something and found guilty eventhough we knew it wasn’t true. What I realized is that we can all assume just as you are but just because a group of strangers, in Remy’s case I heard she didnt have any blacks or spanish people on her jury, just because they find you guilty doesnt always mean youre guilty. My friends boyfriend was found guilty and we all know he didnt do anything. Look at Rodney King they were on tape and found not guilty, OJ found not guilty so a message to everybody, we’re all not fair under the justice system. TI is a convicted felon caught with arsenals of guns so whose more guilty or less guilty? You werent with Remy and you dont know what happened, I remember reading most witnesses in her case said they didnt see Remy approach the other girl with a gun, so whose lying and whose telling the truth? Do you know? there must be a reason she was so adamant about going to trial and keeping her innocence. I believe Remy and I think the whole ordeal is a sad, unfortunate thing. After seeing what my friend went through I give anybody the benefit of the doubt especially a young, black, female rapper, don’t know if there is any love left for us “ghetto children.”

  • Nukirk

    I don’t know what happened and no, I wasn’t there. But according to reports (I read several of them), she had the gun, but only threaten the victim and the gun accidentally fired.

    Look at this:

    Her attorney is filing an appeal and still holding that Remy Ma “accidentally shot Makeda Barnes-Joseph”. She pulled a gun.

    The difference between Rodney King, OJ and TI is that Rodney King was unfair, OJ’s was about fame and TI was stupid enough to break one of the rules of an ex-con.

    The post, from my POV, is that Remy shouldn’t have went after her with a gun, period. Especially for pocket change. $3000? That’s something you can recover in small claims court! The media will have a field day, but at the end of the day, no one lost nothing. But Remy Ma went at her with a gun… and her attorney took THAT stance.

    But hey, you’re entitled to your opinion and that’s all good.

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