Not the "Wright" Timing… But Obama Needs To Play "Ultimatum"

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Rev. Jeremiah Wright. If there’s ever a monkey on Senator Barack Ob2008_04_28t072916_316x450_us_usa_politics_obama_pastorama, this would be that proverbial monkey.  While I did not view the whole speech he made on Monday at the National Press Club, I did get the main press sound bites. Some of them were (quote NY Daily News):

“I do what I do. (Obama) does what politicians do,” Wright declared.

“So that’s what happened in Philadelphia where he had to respond to the sound bites, he responded as a politician,” Wright said.


But that was “Rev. Wright Light”. This is Rev. Wright, straight-no chaser:

“God doesn’t bless everything. God condemns something — and d-e-m-n, ‘demn,’ is where we get the word ‘damn.’ God damns some practices.”

“He is one of the most important voices in the 20th and 21st century. That’s what I think about him. … I am not going to put down Louis Farrakhan.”

“You cannot do terrorism on other people and expect it never to come back on you.” I’m glad to get the full context on that because I had thought he was talking about chicken farming.”

Basically, he was clarifying statements he made that the media made a big deal every since February. And of course, the media eats this ish up like candy. To people that knows, Rev. Wright is not saying anything we don’t agree with. However, why did he decided to push buttons when he knows that the media was going to follow his every word? Better yet, who placed him there? Turns out a Clinton supporter named Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds organized the National Press Club event. She’s a former editorial board member at USA Today and she organized the event. Since she supports Hillary Clinton, it could be a way for her to open up a wound Obama tried so hard to heal.

However, damage was done to Obama campaign in two ways. The speech above was the first. The speech to follow this paragraph was the second.

As he made this speech, you might noticed that he looks tried, and rightfully so. A few weeks ago, Obama made a powerful speech on the issue of race and how while he denounce Rev. Wright’s comments, he can’t disown him. Now, he’s trying to distance himself away from his former reverend and help steer people’s attention to the items that are at stake. While he’s right to try to do what he can, especially after not being able to “seal the deal” in Pennsylvania, he’s going about it the wrong way. I say this is the wrong way because he’s now trying to act like a “politician” and  taking a play from Hillary’s playbook. What he should have done was to play the game called “Ultimatum”.
It’s a game you play only once. The rules are simple and there’s no do overs, no chance to reset, no way, no how.
You give the voters a choice and lay down all the options. Every single one: Good, bad and Ugly. Here’s how I’ll go about it.
Sample Game
(I don’t prep Obama’s speeches, so bare with me)
I know that Americans are deeply concern about the remarks that my former reverend had made. And I know that their is a racial line that divides us all. However, let’s put this aside for just a moment. We are talking about a chance to vote for a different type of politics. Now, Reverend Wright is not running for President, I am.  And Reverend Wright do not represent my campaign or the issues that I’m bring to the table. This campaign have been about trivial issues when it should be about solutions to our problems in America. And I have a plan. It’s not the world’s best plan. We cannot accomplish a perfect world if I’m elected President. We cannot prefect America within my term. However, I can offer that step forward. I can offer that progressive thinking. I’m looking for solutions along with you, the citizens of the United States.
So, if you are going to judge me, judge yourselves first. If you want to vote for my opponents, vote for them because they can get the job done. Vote for them because they want to work hard for you. But will they work harder? No. The media is entertaining you with minor issues. They are looking for problems to cloud your judgement. And if you vote because you are voting on the characteristic of another person, then maybe you are not ready for change. If you want the same game, I’ll gladly step down and let Hillary Clinton and John McCain play the same game we all seen.
However, if you want a different game plan, a different playbook, you have to be informed. Is Clinton or McCain informing you of their plans? Does it match yours? Does my plans resonates with you? Does my actions, my example of not taking corporate interest resonates with you? Does my campaign, which is run by the people resonates with you? Because this campaign is bigger than myself. It’s bigger than the interests in Washington. The corporations cannot stop us. The rich lobbyist won’t stop this train from running. And the “politics as usual” will try to detour this train all the way to November. And when it comes down to it, it will not be a black issue, a white issue, a poor issue, a rich issue. It will come down to “who can get the job done?”
I give you three choices. You can pick a man who thinks he’s a maverick, but works closely with Bush and we might as well dub this Bush third term. You can pick a woman, who changes up her story, who bamboozled the system. Or you can choose a man who seen the issues from both sides of the fence. Who understands the needs of America and the world.
Because we don’t have time to play “politics as usual”. America can’t do it anymore, our brothers and sisters across the world can’t wait another four years. The troops in Iraq cannot wait 100 years. The earth cannot wait 50 years. Our economy cannot wait any longer!
We need solutions and we need them now! If you’re going to vote for any of my opponents do it because you don’t think I can do the job. Because you’re not voting for Reverend Wright.
Like I said, not a good speech,  but you get the point.
By Obama giving the voters an ultimatum, he’s forcing them to focus on the issues. They may have a preference and may not like Rev. Wright. However, by pushing them to choose between personal preference and  what really matters, it will show a few things.
  1. It pushes them to think about the issues at hand and not the media tricks.
  2. It makes them uncomfortable and really makes them serious about their decision.
  3. It takes a lot of leadership and guts to give an ultimatum to the general public. Imagine if he took this stance on issues once he’s in office.

If he shows this type of stance right now (in a more diplomatic way), he will get the upper hand. He will not have to disown anybody or make apologies. And he will be virtually untouchable from now until November.

Hopefully, he’ll play this hand and force Americans to make up their mind and stop pussy footing around.

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  • rjholla2003

    Jot to sound like a groupie by always agreeing, but this is absolutely true, and I hope someone in the Obama camp happens to stumble upon this. I truly think that this would be a very Obama thing to do, using the Philly speech as an example that he could have this type of speech in him. It should serve as a great tool to get control of this election from the media. Every time they go off track, he can point back to that speech. Every time the public starts to follow the media down the trivial yellow brick road, he can remind them of his ultimatum. The public, if they take heed, should have an eye opening experience, and that would really tip the balance towards him in a way that only could work for him. Not playing the old game is his main appeal. Forcing the old school opponents to fight a new school battle is simply brilliant.

    Dare I say- THIS IS HIP-HOP!