will be closing its doors + Name Change

What’s up? Two Major Announcements.

Because is not doing so well traffic-wise or topic wise, I will be closing down the community on July 10, 2008. Unlike hip-hop artists that like to point fingers when things go wrong, I am taking full responsibility that the community have not been busting with activity. I’m way too busy to try to revive it and I’m sorry to disappoint.

Life-Remixed will still be up and running, however, I decided that it needs a name change. Reason for this name change is simple. Thanks to the success of my first article outside this blog, my branding of Life-Remixed is now in conflict with Even if it isn’t a question to some people, the “-“ in the domain name made it impossible to market. So, I decided on a name, one that no one else thought of and will showcase that name on the Obama mixtape project.

There will also be a new forum, and only a forum. If people demands more features, I will put them up slowly but surely.

I’m sorry to catch you guys off guard with this message, but I feel it’s best to tell you right now. Thanks for your support and I hope you will still come by and visit. :)

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  • rjholla2003

    Well, no one can say you didn’t try at least. It seems that pretty much all of us are busy at the same time, but unfortunately forums die when there’s not enough people to fill in the conversation. I’ll definitely stay tuned for the new name, and the new site. I’m sure many others here will do the same.

  • Nukirk

    Yeah. Forums come and forums go. I don’t like to kill off items, but when things are not working, then people think there’s inactivity. And nothing looks more bad than an empty club, no matter how great you think it is.