Closed and Other News is officially no more.

Thank you everyone for your contributions. I would have like to keep that site up longer, but it’s time I move on.

Now, another newsbit. domain name is currently being purchased. Someone made an offer to purchase it and I decided to sell it. I made a condition that they have to at least redirect traffic for the rest of the year as to not throw off frequent visitors.

If you would like to be notified of the new site name as well as weekly updates of posts and site news, please take a moment and subscribe to the blog by providing your e-mail address. (It can be found on the right under “Subscribe to LR!”)

I promise to threat your e-mail like how I treat my laptop: it’s for my use only and will never be use for evil purposes. :) I promise only weekly updates (every Sunday), not daily. No spam, only 99% of remixed thoughts. (Well, 1% have to go to pay the newsletter providers’ bills.

If you are my myspace or facebook friend, you will also receive alerts.
So, first the name change, then world domination. Sounds like a plan. Let’s go!
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