My Poverty Call Out (Some1 Believes N U): Blog Action Day 2008

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Helping Hands For Blog Action Day, I decided to write a poem, calling people to action. I tried my best to record it to music, but plans prevented me from going to a studio.

Just so you know, this is a hip-hop song and written in my own tongue, so some words may not make sense at first. Read it out loud and it will make sense. If you really want to hear a recording, write in the comments and I’ll record it. Leave your real e-mail address so I can get back in touch with you when I do record the song.

Just to give you a perspective, I’m speaking from a entrepreneurs’ point of view. The one of many you can find @ I’m a business man myself, so if this poem inspires you, give to Kiva and help people help themselves. No one wants a hand out, just a hand up. :)

My Poverty Call Out (Some1 Believes N U)
By V.M. King-Yarde

You got the power cause someone believes in you
You can change history if you really wanted to
You got a voice that’s stronger than you ever know
and if you don’t believe in that, well it’s time to show
We are all kings and queens at least in my dreams
cause we all wanna be the best that we can be
Forget the naysayers. let’s talk game players
If you’re serious, do your best to shun the hatas
I have a vision, now. I hope y’all see it
It’s in my mind, and I know I’m gonna achieve it
So, I’m a press play, and speak from my soul
because living out life is our ultimate goal
If our human network is really what we worth
Then our real worth is the work we leave on earth
Please delete your doubts no need to scream and shout
I’m asking for a hand up, not for a hand out.

I know times is hard. It’s been hard on me.
But I believe karma will equalize my density
So you want to help? Then tighten your belt
You’re going to do things that’s going to be heartfelt
Look inside yourself, ask what you will do
If you struggling and your country won’t help you
What do you do? How about where you’ll go?
How’s a stranger going to help? Just let him know
that "I don’t want to hand out, just a hand up
So I can contribute to life’s everloving cup"
I have desire and I want to leave my mark
In this world before my lights goes dark
What can I be? What can I contribute?
I could be a doctor, who can distribute
the cure for many diseases, for every season
But this is just one of those many reasons.

I could bring an idea, into this universe
I could help bring the world to relax and converse
and maybe stop the wars, and start the healing
My abilities can surpass any ceiling
I’m not asking for a hand out, that won’t erase my doubts
I have an idea and all I ask is you hear me out
If you give me just a lil’ help, I work to pay it back
I wanna lace my boots. I’m gonna give it a crack
I want to enhance not only you, but own views
so the world around me is no longer blue
Around me, I want to experience change
but in order to do that, I need to engage
In my own way, today’s a new day
I hope you understand me, in this I pray…
I’m not asking for a hand out, just a hand up
So I can contribute to life’s everloving cup.

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