#MusicMonday – Tabou TMF aka Mr. Undefineable – Eagles Fly High (Part 1)

Eagles Fly High

Who: Tabou TMF (who?) aka Mr. Undefinable is an experienced DJ from the Bronx specializing in R&B, Reagge/Dancehall and Hip-Hop. He’s an uplifting artist, who practice what he preaches (and without being preachy). While he’s more known as a business man, promoter and graphic designer, his true love is within the music he creates, wither it’s behind the boards, on the turntables or in front of the mic, laying down vocals.

How I Discover Him: Truth be told: this artist I known for mad years. With that out in the open, it’s easy to say I’m pretty bias in promoting him. (This is what makes me different from other people; I’m upfront with you.) However, truth be told, I held back from giving him an honest opinion, all because of this close association. However, I’m all about promoting the good stuff and I rather promote the ones who’s working hard to get it out there. This forum is not really big, but if there’s any way I can help any artist without being sold to, then I’ll put them on.

First Impressions: Ever read a mixtape title, put in the mixtape and wonder “why the bloody hell they named this mixtape that?” Well, this one is NOT one of those mixtapes. In the Drake era where mixtapes sounds like full albums, you can expect this one to sound like an album… until you reach certain parts that reminds you “yeah, it’s a mixtape”. Don’t get me wrong, though. All songs blend in beautifully, from beginning to end, laced with inspirational soundbites from Barack Obama. This artist is a DJ/rapper, so expect some R&B/Hip-Hop mainstream stars to make (remixed) appearances. There are other artists from the Bronx that Tabou features such as Moonface (an alternative rap group) and Neyesus (Pronounced Nic-est, who introduced himself between “All the Time” & “Life of a Rap Star”).

A another nice touch is that while this mixtape features well-known (and slept on) beats, Tabou was smart enough to include some original material. “New York City Anthem” and “Ya Mind Is Ya Mind” (as far as I can tell) are the gems that hint that he can carry his own weight.

Few things that confuses me (I can hear him now saying “oh no”): What’s up with the “Bonus Tracks”? While I can understand how they don’t exactly match the flow of the album, it actually took away from the overall download. One or two bonus tracks are fine, but 6? With these tracks mixed in with original listings, it can overshadow the mixtape, making it intimidating to listen to. Maybe if the bonus tracks was a separate download, it will make the overall experience easier to shallow. Also, “New York City Anthem” is my least favorite track for two reasons: The timing of the track with the other NYC Anthem aka Empire State of Mind is getting played to death on the radio. The other reason? Heavy censorship of the record.

Hard Hitting Tracks: Well, he said he’s “Mr. Versatile” on one of the tracks. So, “Cool Dude” pull off the “Alternative Sound”. “”Ya Mind Is Ya Mind” pulls off the “conscious hip-hop” lyrics with a “street banging” track and lastly “All The Time” which actually a background from “Overtime” by Ace Hood shows that he can make music pop, along with Neyesus, balancing out the song’s message of yin and yang.

How To Get It: Simply go to his Ghettovibes “Featured Artist” page and click on the download link. Sign up for his emailing list while you’re there so you can keep up to date about future updates.

So, check out “Eagles Fly High” and get inspired to fly high!

Tabou TMF’s Twitter :: Tabou’s MySpace Page :: I Am Undefinable (Artist Web Site) :: Ghettovibes.com (Promotion Site)

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