#MusicMonday – Stefani Germanotta (aka Lady Gaga) – Captivated & Electric Kiss

Usually, the Music Monday feature is reserved for unknown artists. However, when someone pointed out this clip, I just have to feature it.

Before the present-day Lady Gaga, there was a woman named Stefani Germanotta. Unlike Lady Gaga, Stefani’s image is less extreme and… (there I say it) we know she’s a female. Before she did “Poker Face”, she wanted to do… artistic works. What lead her to change-up from Stefani to Lady Gaga? That I can’t tell you. But I did enjoy her pre-Lady Gaga clip. I just hope you find this rare look at the now famous Lady Gaga and know that maybe there’s a method to her madness. Maybe, just maybe, I could be wrong about this mainstream artist.

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