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May 10, 2010

#MusicMonday – Shane Eli – The Push

shaneeliWho: Shane Eli, a young man representing Los Angeles. Born in Canada, raised in Los Angeles and Bahamas, he’s got a history which is just as unique as his music. Other than using his real name to promote himself, he’s also pushing himself from the get go. No major artists or labels are backing him up. He’s making a name for his own self and people are listening.

How Did I Discover Him: Digiwaxx sent me an alert with a song of his. It’s called “Grey Area”. The first thought that came to my mind was “Who’s Shane Eli?” Not really a rapper that I heard about. The name caught my attention as well as the use of what seems to be an ordinary picture. When I give the record at least one listen, I figured it was worth sharing. I placed it on my side project #HipHopJourney, but after a while, I thought it wouldn’t do it justice. So, I decided an interview (which I will post up later in the week) as well as a much deeper blog post may help explain this man a bit better.

Listen to the Grey Area

First Impression: My impression of Shane Eli is different from other rappers. The title “Grey Area” made me think he’s going to talk about something difficult. What I heard was a sort of soul-searching track, a manifesto for people who grew up biracial, trying to fit in. He defined himself as “everything I’m not made me everything I am.” Powerful words, especially in an America that claims to be “post-racial”, but was shocked when Barack Obama selected “Black” on the census form.

Hard Hitting Tracks: Even thought his album will be release next month, so far, the leak tracks released so far (Question: If an artist leak his own music, is it consider a “leak”? Hmmm…) showcases his ability to flow on any beat, no matter how jazzy like “I’m A Winner”…

… or how rock-music influenced ,like “Knuckle Up”…

… or a smooth, club track like “Taste of What’s to Come”…

… it’s a breathe of fresh air indeed. Especially when you consider this he produced his own beats. That’s right; this album for the most part is self-produced. Matter of fact, all of his joints sound like it can stand up as their own singles. For a “Taste of What’s to Come”, check out the widget below.

How to get it: His album will be release in June. Four of the album’s 15 tracks are in the wild. I suggest you get them and if you like what’s coming up, then fully support the artist.

Track Download
Taste of What’s to Come
I’m a Winner
Knuckle Up
Grey Area

Details of the album when it’s released can be found on his official website.

“The Push” sounds like the beginning of a long promising career for Shane Eli and with co-signs from as well as Vibe and Fox Business – HOLD UP? Fox Business? Yes…

… even major artists such as Common and Diggy Simmons (How can I call Diggy Simmons a major artist when he just got signed? I blame his publicist for the email blasts.) giving him stamps of approval, it won’t be long before he gets everyone’s head nodding…

… and without the help of a major budget. Take THAT RIAA!

Shane Eli’s Official Site :: Twitter :: MySpace ::  Facebook :: YouTube :: Reverb Nation

#MusicMonday – Every Monday (when I get the free time), I will share music and showcasing artists who’s making it happen for themselves. Check out Thought Remixer on Mondays for new artists.

If you’re an artist and would like to be consider, simply contact me via the contact page or upload your music on the ride side of the blog. All music will be review to, chart on Last.FM and if I like it, I’ll write a post about it. Of course, if you paid attention to the last few artists in this series, they never really asked me to review their music, I asked them. So, you might want to be creative with your approach.

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