#MusicMonday – HaZiq aLi: Business Is Good

Haziq Ali - Business is Good

Who: Haziq Ali (pronunced Ha-zeek) is a motivational hip-hop artist from DC, now in Atlanta. Owner of Organized Rhyme, he’s out to set an example that rappers can make motivational music without sounding peachy (or in the worse case, cheesy). He’s also a motivational speaker who’s serious about helping others help themselves.

How Did I Discover Him: I didn’t really discover him, he discovered me. We met via Twitter and never mentioned anything about himself to me. I followed him back,  and after consulting with him about his WordPress blog, he started talking about and mentioning me more. So, I decided to ask him for a mixtape. He told me that he’s actually got an album. Without even researching him (other than from his blog posts), I was in shocked when I heard the album.

First Impressions: It’s a rare feat for me to listen through an entire album without skipping a track, especially from someone who I have not heard about… at all. I actually like the album this way is in itself high praise. The sound is a mixture of southern hip-hop and positive vibes. His flow brought back memories of Lord Have Mercy, a former member of Flipmode Squad. (you know, back in the day when it’s was more than just a brand name Busta Rhymes says in every damn song… now, it’s just a brand name Busta Rhymes says in every damn song)

Hard Hitting Track: There’s a few gems in here that I think are worth mentioning. “Mash” comes to mind. I can’t pick just one track, so I’ll have to say three tracks in addition to “Mash” would be “There He Goes Again” (it got comical truths about the way the world works) and “Trap Musick” (he explains why they call it “Trap Musick”, along with a familiar hook right out of an 80s Coke commercial)

How To get The Music: Other than Lala (the previews here will allow you to play the whole song once. Afterwards, you can buy the MP3 or “rent it” for 10 cents and play it unlimited from Lala’s website.), you can also buy it from Amazon as an MP3 or CD. It’s a full album full of songs that is worth the purchase. On the CD, there’s a phone number to contact Haziq directly, which makes the motivational part of his game just as real as his music.

So, get “Business Is Good” and Prosper.

Haziq’s Twitter :: Haziq’s MySpace Page :: Haziq’s WordPress Blog

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