#MusicMonday – Dezaray Dawn

Dezaray Dawm - Chameleon EP

Who: Dezaray Dawn. She’s an indie songwriter and singer. Neo-soul artist Anthony David is a cousin, as are Sean Stockman of Boys II Men fame, and Tiny from Xscape. (Read her bio here)

How Did I Discover Her: She followed me on Twitter, silently. During one of my cleanup rounds, I commented that I like her picture because she reminds me of an Egyptian Queen. A few days later, I went to her MySpace page, listened to her music snippets and fell in love with her ever since.

First Impression: True to the “Neo-Soul Sound”, the back drop of the title single of the EP (Chameleon) took me back to the days of Janet Jackson’s dance tracks. The rest of this EP makes me feel like I’m listen to a futuristic soul singer. My only regret is that it’s only an EP with 5 songs (or 4 songs and 1 Remix). However, for 30 minutes of soulful honest music, it’s worth supporting the artist. You can mix her songs along with your other soulful tracks and it won’t skip a beat.

Hard Hitting Track: Chameleon. (Check it out below) I like all of them, but this is by far my favorite.

How To Get The Music: Chameleon EP is a free download for a limited time. Afterwards it’s $5. However, do donate if you like the EP. I know that the full album release will be something to look forward to.

Dezary Dawn’s Twitter :: Dezary Dawn’s MySpace :: Dezary Dawn’s Official Website/Blog

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