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Update: (Jan. 20, 2008) It seems that I have to make one correction to this post. Skystalker brought up a point.

Alright. Because there’s a few misconceptions of the Boondocks Season 2, I’m writing this post just to clearify some things.

1) Season 2 has 20 Episodes, not 15.

Source: New York Times

Or is it? LeSean Thomas, one of the men that’s in charge of the Boondocks, said it was suppose to be a 15 episode season, but it’s been chopped down to 13.

Source: LeSean’s deviantArt Journal Entry

2) Only 10 Episodes had premiered. This excludes the episode premiering Monday.

3) Adult Swim is known for switching episodes out of order. For now, it’s unknown wither or not the “Hunger Strike” episode is banned from the airwaves or not. I seriously doubt it unless they didn’t get trademark permissions cleared. However, for now, the official word is there is no word It’s official. Not one, but two Boondocks episodes might have been banned from TV due to they are BET related. (Again, check LeSean’s Page)

4) But speaking of LeSean, pay attention to this screenshot

Boondocks Ending Credits

Why is LeSean Thomas listed as “Character Supervisor” instead of “Design”. Why is Seung Eun Kim listed as “Season Two Main Character Design”? (This is in no way “Photoshopped”. Read the ending credits. It’s in each episode)

Does this mean that Mr. Kim (dA Page) is responsible for the improvements on the main characters? If that’s the case, how come Lesean (dA Page) is posting the images like he designed the new look and not Kim? Is it possible that LeSean only designed the looks of the minor and guest star characters this season?

On top of that, why is Mr. Kim not getting any shine? Look at LeSean… lots of hits on his page because of the Boondocks images, boosting his portfolio. Mr. Kim, a little less attention, I’m afraid.

Well, I guess the world will never know.

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  • Skystalker

    Are you sure there’s 20 episodes? LeSean himself said 15…Would he lie about it, or did he forget? o:

    Great article! That is something to ponder indeed…Mr. Kim is a really talented artist. I believe he doesn’t get as many views because he doesn’t put any Boondocks art up, and that’s pretty much the only reason people look at LeSean’s art. It’s the sad truth of the Fandom >:

  • K

    As of January 18,2008.

    The Adult Swim schedule has changed:

    As you can see, episode 206 (”The Hunger Strike”) is no longer on the schedule, which could possibly be that our greatest fears have come true.

    Now is the time for us Boondocks fans to boycott Adult Swim and send complaints (But keep them peaceful, OK? This is a non-violent protest after all.), and not to watch any new Boondocks episodes, demanding that Adult Swim air this speical episode. Please inform others on myspace, facebook and elsewhere about this and peacefully pressure Adult Swim to air “The Hunger Strike”.

  • rjholla2003

    That’s a lot to swallow. BET can’t have that much pull…or is Cartoon Network run by Viacom as well? In any event, un-ban those episodes! I want to see them!

  • Adony

    I’m just hoping that somehow these banned episodes become available for downloading.
    That IS pretty $#!++y, to have a T.V show banned. WTF ever happened to freedom of speach/expression?

  • matthew

    lol im late but eh….. its simple, if its the truth, and could i dunno…..make peopl use their brains?..which in case if people started ..well..yeah then they would stop watching brain fucking shows like well..BET…american idol, flavor of love and th amry of spin offs, making the band 4(that basnd still hasn’t been made yet? , oh right….ratings, and ppl stupid enough to give them those ratings). can’t wait for real world north korea.

    at any rate, if its gonna tell the truth, its gonna come under fire, because ppl can’t make that much money off educated ppl, like rim manufacturers.(no shit) i gues since family guys so popular it cant be stopped, suprised colbert,jon stewart and lewis blacks root of all evil hasn’t came under fire yet.