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March 23, 2009

MIMS – He’ll Make A Believer Out Of You (Interview + Music)

mimsinterviewTo a lot of people, MIMS (Shawn Mims) is a ringtone rapper and a one-hit wonder. However, Mims look at himself and what he brings to the game in a very different light and he can make a believer out of you. He’s a well balanced act, knowing not only to how to make hit records, but is fully knowledgeable of what he’s capable of. You can hear it in his voice; he has a full knowledge of self, something that some artists going into their second album has may have trouble demonstrating. Mims aims to prove it again with his latest effort, “Guilt”, which will drop on April 7th. On a personal note (let’s keep it real, I try not to sugar coat things), I wasn’t that impressed with Mims before accepting the interview. My mind soon changed afterwards.  (The interview after the jump)

Allow me to take you back to late February, I was offered a chance to interview Mims. The business side thought “Wow! My first interview with a celebrity ever! This can established my creditability!” However, the artistic side of me thought “Mims? Really? Doesn’t he have just one song to his name?” Of course, doubt clouded what should have been an instant decision. After talking with a few friends, I figured “what do I have to lose?” So, I made it a point to listen to his first album, look at his current single, look at past interviews and really did my homework. I interviewed Mims earlier this month and I must say: the interview was worth doing. I learned a lot about Mims that was not mentioned on most Hip-Hop sites or even in most recent interviews.

Move (If You Wanna) – Mims

The Interview was moderated by a rep from Digiwaxx, so you may hear her voice during the Interview. We tried our best to cut to the main points, but some of the interview’s mess up was kept in there for authenticity reasons.

Here’s a brief summery of what we can expect to hear from this interview:

  • The strong points of “This Is Why I’m Hot”
  • Why he’s not a “ringtone rapper” and how he can’t be a one-hit wonder.
  • He’s declaring an open challenge to all artists (and you) about his music.
  • Why he called his album “Guilt”.
  • His feelings about Barack Obama and how he (somewhat) compares Obama’s run for President with his career path.
  • His current plans and some lil’ known facts that most of his fans didn’t know about him.
  • Social Media & why any artists avoiding or misusing it should “get lost”.
  • While we’re on the topic of social media, he confirms that while a team helps him with his social media profiles, you’ll get to hear from him. He explained why it’s important for him to control those responses.

Well, no more reading. Let’s get to the interview, shall we?

Nukirk Talks With Mims (21 Minutes)

Bonus Points

To make up for the lack of questions, here are some questions I wanted to ask, but decided not to ask. Instead, I let old fashion research answer them for me.

Comparisons To Gillie The Kid (Via Kendra G)

World Star Hip Hop posted this one their site. Mims first official single “Move” and Gillie da Kid’s “Get Down On The Ground”, a rapper from Philly currently signed with Koch Records.

Mims confirmed that he didn’t steal from Gillie The Kid in an interview before mine.

But just in case you think there is beef between Mims and Gillie the Kid, can someone explain this song that came out recently?

Move (Remix) – Mims featuring Gillie Da Kid (Dirty)

The “I Am Hip-Hop Savior” Thing

In the Interview, I asked him why he named his album “Guilt” instead of “I Am Hip-Hop Savior”. He said it was a rumor and that the album was always called Guilt. So, where exactly would I get an idea like that from? According to Wikipedia, TBT said they caught up with Mims and he revealed the title to them. I would like to thank TBT for making me dig for that one.

Was the Interview Rushed? No.

The interview sounded rushed, but what you are hearing is an abridged version of the actual interview. Originally, I only have time to ask him three questions. During the third question, I was interrupted by the moderator, and was asked to make it the last question. (This was edited out, so you cannot tell) Mims, however, thought my questions were so good that he actually asked for one more question and extended the time, against everyone else’s wishes.

I felt this is important to include because some artists don’t have control over their own schedule, nor have a say. With Mims overriding his own management’s request, it shows that Mims is his own person, something that is lacking in the game of professionalism as of late. This action alone might have made me appreciate him more than the good interview he have already given me.

Bonus Tracks

Just for listening to the Interview, I have two tracks for you guys to groove, which I added for download in the Thought Remixer Bin.

Diamond Girl – Ryan Leslie featuring Mims

Move (DJ Class Remix) – Mims

Shout Outs

  • Mims for doing the interview and extending the time.
  • Digiwaxx for the interview chance and music downloads.
  • And DJ Tabou for editing the interview.

Please leave feedback!

If you enjoy this interview, I will be doing more with artists as well as social media personalities that can help Hip-Hop (or whatever you are into) move forward. Just make sure to drop a comment!

The more comments I get, the more likely I can keep doing interviews. Also leave constructive comments about what I can improve speech wise. (Yes, I’m asking for it)

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  • Sonnie_inkstar

    Good interview homie

  • LazyPen

    Mims was gracious and you asked some original questions. Real good interview to listen to nukirk.

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  • Nukirk Digi.tal

    Thanks for your comment! :) He took control for most of the interview and even thought I only asked so few questons, he did made it work. Extending the time was pretty awesome too. :)

  • Nukirk Digi.tal

    Thanks for your comment! :) He took control for most of the interview and even thought I only asked so few questons, he did made it work. Extending the time was pretty awesome too. :)

  • Nukirk Digi.tal

    Thanks for your comment! :) He took control for most of the interview and even thought I only asked so few questons, he did made it work. Extending the time was pretty awesome too. :)

  • Marco Bosco aka KVN

    Nukirk, this is Marco aka KVN. I produced and sing on a song called 'Chasing Sunshine' with MIMS on his album, I also have a single out called 'If I don't have you', on which Chasing Sunshine is based. I'd love to do an interview with you talking about it, email me, or msg me on and we can set it up.

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