Mic Check 1,2…

Er… HI! (FYI: This is mostly a ramble post. Feel free to skip it because it may not make sense to you.)

My name is Nukirk Digi.tal… and some of y’all think I’m neglecting my duties as the Thought Remixer. And the answer is no, I have NOT been neglecting my duties…

… alright, maybe I was a little lazy in putting up posts. Okay, maybe “little” isn’t descriptive enough.  Even thought I have been busy, I am not that busy to NOT post stuff up. However, between promising to review artists, wondering if I should even start watching TV again, business planning (as in yes, I am finally taking this thing seriously), I just slowly ran out of passion for creating my own content. So, what got me back into doing this? Going to a blogger’s meetup and having NOTHING to talk about! My unique brand of being a black artist/interviewer/social whistle-blower is now questioned!

Okay, it wasn’t really being questioned, I was just feeling out-of-place at the event mostly because the blog was last updated last month… with a brand new design sponsored by WordPress! Now people are reminding me that I am not only suppose to post blog posts up, I am to design my own space and Matt from WordPress is helping me cheat! Well, my friends, you asked for it. You’re telling me to run your daily gauntlet, but blog more often. Update your Twitter, your Facebook and maybe your MySpace more often. Get to that studio and record that song. Put up the Striply Drama. Don’t talk about it, be about it!

With that, I say to you… enjoy! This coming few weeks, you’re going to get smashed over the head with my Gauntlet and there’s NOTHING you can’t do to stop me!

#EvilLaughter… pardon.

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