Martin Luther King, Jr. – More Than “A Dream”

Today marks a few things. One, (Still) President Bush’s last full day in office. Two, “Obama Eve”, when tomorrow, we accept Barack Obama as our Lord and Savior (I’m being sarcastic. Please allow me this much.) But today is observing the life and times of Martin Luther King, Junior… and I’m personally am sick of it.

I am not “sick” of the day itself nor what it represents, but the way the media paints the day. While it’s a coincidence that Barack Obama will be taking office the very next day, it’s also very sad that the question of the is “Have Martin Luther King’s Dream been fulfilled". It’s almost as if electing a black President was one of those requirements that MLK said. It’s sadder that they play “I Have A Dream” speech as the ultimate MLK tribute. Well, I followed MLK’s work (outside of school, as an adult) and I will tell you that if you want to educate people, you have to show all sides of him, not just one. While I understand the media is going to play the “Dream” angle, the schooling system cops out by playing this clip and that’s that.

So, today, I focus on MLK, but not on his main speech. Down below is a collection of videos. With the exception of the first video (that would be’s Jay Smooth, who done this video last year and inspired this post), these are other famous quotes and speeches that MLK have said. I hope you enjoy these videos and remember… he was more than just “a dream”… he started the road to (and AFTER) Barack Obama.


Ten Other Things MLK Said (by Jay Smooth)


Martin Luther King On Technology


MLK on War


MLK’s Last Speech
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