Making the Most (or a better Alternative to) #FollowFriday on Twitter

If you been on Twitter, you might notice that every Friday, there’s #followfriday. It’s basically an Internet meme that was started with good intentions. Mashable helped explained the concept and even tracked the process. It makes an excellent case study on how Twitter works (hint hint to those artists that want to take advantage). However, there’s a few problems with this concept.

  • Who is that?
    Some users of Twitter will easily forget that not everyone is following all @replies (yes, even me). So, when recommending people, it adds to the noise. Putting together as many people as possible is somewhat of a disservice to them. I’ll explain in the next point.
  • Why should I follow them?
    The original reason for Follow Friday is simple: I think this person is great. That’s cool. But great at what? Some people will suggest people just to suggest. I’m pretty much want to talk to people that are in tune with me as well as people out of tune with me (it keeps me from being ignorant). However, without a reason attached to it, it’s a lost tweet.

There are better methods to enhance or replace FollowFriday. Here are some ideas I’ll share with you:

  • Attach a reason to your update. It can be short and descriptive for a group of people.
  • Write a blog post about the people you recommend to follow and call it “#FollowFriday edition.”
  • Don’t wait until Friday! Just recommend people out of thin air. People do it all the time. :)
  • Use Mr. Tweet Recommendation Feature

The last point is a service called Mr. Tweet. Mr. Tweet suggests people you can follow based on your present following patterns. You can also recommend people to follow. This gives your profile a better ranking. To test this theory, I placed a message from Mr. Tweet.

Link to actual messageI was expecting at least one or two of my usual suspects to at least recommend me. What happened 9 minutes later? I got a recommendation, but from someone I didn’t expect…

imageIt’s not everyday a magazine brand endorses you. :) Did it help get more people to follow me? I had 651 followers. The time they send a Recommendation to Mr. Tweet, it jumped to 671 within hours! Of course, it helped that Vibe Magazine have (waaaaaay) more followers than I do and have a higher influence, so I waited for another day. It then jumped from 671 to 684 and at writing time sitting at 712 followers. I then interacted with a lot of new people and building up value. image

All you need for a Mr. Tweet account is to log in using your Twitter login and password. It connects using Twitters API, so it’s not storing your password.

Now, I’m not recommending this method to people who are just into numbers. If you are trying to build up a presence, then by all means go for it. It’s also not necessary to follow everyone people or Mr. Tweet recommends. People use Twitter for different reasons and some people just don’t want to be bother. Just whatever you do, DON’T BECOME THIS GUY!

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  • Leandra

    Good job on the Vibe recommendation! Hey hey. Good suggestion on the out of the blue recommendations. I think I saw someone do the #followfriday tag in the middle of the week but still used #followfriday so it could be found in the Twitter search.

    Good suggestions.