Making Sure Every Vote Counts: Preparing For Election Day

your_vote_counts_button_3 No matter who you are voting for, I’m pretty sure you want every single vote to be counted. However, with anything can (and will) go wrong on election day. Your name’s missing from the forms. Long lines. Your voting machine is giving you a hell of a problem. Uou need to equip yourself with some knowledge on what to do if your voting goes bad and I’m going to tell you how to do that.

The most important rule is to remain calm and most of all, don’t get upset. There’s nothing worse than people who’s uncooperative. It will delay the experience for others, causing an effect like dominos that can possibly make this election more stressful than it’s already is.

So, other than that, he are strategies to be aware of:

Vote Early

That’s right. Check to see if you can vote before election day. There are some states that permits early voting to make it less stressful on Election Day. Check with your state’s voting board.

Check Your Voting Location

Google Maps can help you find your poll station. Remember that you are registered to vote at that poll station only. There’s also valuable information to check on the candidates you can vote for as well as to see if you are registered.

Leave Your Buttons and Shirts At Home

Before you decide if you think that McCain shirt looks great with those slacks you are wearing and before you think that Obama shirt is great with your Yankee fitted, make sure to leave those things at home. Make sure to hide any and all materials that endorses any political campaign, agenda or person. If you are wearing these things, make sure to cover them up and don’t expose them. Putting these things on may give you a sense of pride, but these things are consider “campaigning” and they are not allow within at least 100 feet within the polling stations.

E-Voting Problems

Here’s a problem you might encounter… electronic voting machines. In NY (at least in my county), we don’t have them. However, if you do know of them, here’s what you can and the steps you need to take. Remember, to take a paper ballot over an electronic ballot.

Report Problems

One good thing about this election is that we can report problems and irregularities using our cell phones. Here’s one way to do it, using Twitter and texting.

If you encounter any problems, make sure to contact (866) OUR-VOTE!

Get A Sticker!

This last bit maybe corny, but if you voted, you should proudly wear your sticker. You might get discounts! (Seriously, I think IHOP have a 20% off for those who voted) Plus, it’s a great way to remind people that you voted and they should vote to!

More Information

This blog post is nowhere near the best resource, but it’s a good place to start. For more resources on making sure you vote right, visit Vote 411.

Lastly, Do More Than Vote…

So great. Election come, election go. Make sure you are just as passionate about the issues after the election. After all, it will take more than changing the people in the White House and Congress to get the job done and make real change (you can believe in)!

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  • Monique

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”–Mahatma Gandhi

    i think that fits nicely for tomorrow’s election.