LR’s 2 Cent: Enough With The Clintons!

As you know, Life-Remixed isn’t just about me expressing my opinion. It’s also a community of other like-minded people. In the forum, the current topic is of course, Hilliary Clinton and her win over Obama in NH. When one member starts to sound off strongly, others tend to follow with their own opinions.

Is America ready for a black president? Raible, a man who don’t really post unless something moves him, knows so. His comments are something to chew on, scattered out throughout the discussion. He’s a direct quote from him:

Barack Obama fills me with renewed hope for this country. Something I haven’t had in the twelve years I’ve lived here (I’m an immigrant). He may not be perfect, but at least he’s real change, and he also represents real social progress.

Is Hillary Clinton ready? fistjedi fears not. fistjedit made a very detailed response, which included this quote:

I am not against white women per say, neither am I opposed to having a lady in the Oval Office. It will happen someday, that I believe. But Hillary is isn’t the chosen one. What I have seen in her campaign is peanut gallery theatrics, using her husband (and his extensive Rolodex filled with connections) to do the heavy lifting and severely attacking other candidates (specifically Obama). I have not really seen Hillary lay out some semblance of a plan for the country in her speeches, nor has she sufficiently shown the sincerity or the foresight to run this country effectively if she did get ahold of the gold ring. It takes more to convince voters that just “I was the wife of Bill Clinton and I want to be the first female president of the U.S., oh and Obama is a child in politics.”

And how about America? Is America ready for a change? ASALI insisted that America is not ready. Why? Well, not for the reasons the media thinks…

America does not [want] to repair the damage. [Parents have their] children so twisted about the history of the country that when you mentioned slavery and reparations, you get “Get over it, it happened 400 yrs ago. I had nothing to do with that, why are mad with me, it doesn’t affect me…”

I would like to know that it’s not easy for black people to just “get over it”. That’s like telling the American Indians to get over the fact that their land was taken from them and introduce them to your ways… like Christianity, hostile takeovers… and maybe a plague or two. Well, not really… they get casinos and reserves and in the meantime, Katrina victims are still suffering. However, that’s another topic for another day. (I’m pretty sure that will be sometime during “Black History Month”)

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