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So, the decision have been made. Life-Remixed, is now officially open for business… sort of. The overall design of the site is not final, but the concept is. Instead of chaos, we have organized chaos! The end of the world must be nigh… because I decided to become a blogger!Now, some of you may wonder why I decided to make this site a blog instead of a community site. Others may wonder why I decided to “start over”. Well, I’m going to take the time to briefly say why.

This site started out as an idea for promoting an intellectual take on “urban music and entertainment”, or the art of black music and entertainment. However, the plan to execute it was not a very successful one. At first, it was going to be integrated with another project “The Boondocks” that launched in October 2005. Sadly, the fan site I created took a very fast rise and an even faster fall. In January 2006, Universal Comics got to me and we started to talk about “legally” hosting the images and having Boondocks comics hosted on the site. Then, Aaron McGruder (the creator of Boondocks) announced that he would be taking a hiatus from the strip. With failure to reach him for permission to use the images on the site, I have to strip all Boondocks related images and renamed the site in March 2006.

I slapped on it without a real plan. I figured, “I’ll make one up as I go.” However, if you know the nature of the web, the longer you take with development, the less likely you can recover from it. As a Internet Specialist, I know this nature very well. However, personal matters kept me from further developing the site. To make a long story short, the interest slowly died and now the community is made up of a handful of “hardcore regulars”.

Now, when trying to revive a site, there’s two possible things you can do; hold on to old content or make way with a fresh new start. On one hand, the problem with the old content is that it’s too troublesome and may overwhelm the new visitors. However, on the other hand, starting over has it’s disadvantage for the first couple of months. No one will take you seriously unless you have some history.

So, I decided to start over by making over the entire website. There are two parts to this site: Blog – The blog covers a wide range of topics from social awareness to entertainment, political going ons to news items that the media overlooked. The blog will not only have original articles and highlights from other places, but also posts from both the new community and “flashbacks” from the old one to see if the subject talked about back then is still relevent. Of course, you’ll be able to post up comments, but only if you are a member of the community (I’m working on a way so that non-community people can comment as well).

Visit – The new section of this site is called This new community site is not just a forum, but a whole social network powered by Ning. By joining this site, you will not only be a member of this site, but other Ning-powered communities.So, with new stuff, you maybe wonder what will happen to the The Boondocks Well, that site will now become a separate “subsite”. I wanted to make it part of the community, but then after thinking about it and with the huge “easy come, easy go” movement of fan-created websites, I decided to create the site, but don’t get to attach to it. And if by chance I have to take it down again, well, at least this time, I only lose one site.So, welcome, old and new people. It’s a new website and a new year…So… let’s get retarded! Sign up for! I will be adding features through out this week.

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