Let This Be A Lesson To Y’All!!!

So… you guys are coming here and noticed a bit of a change up, huh?

Well, I upgraded without backing up. Hence why the blog look so different. This is the last time I’ll work in a home where people can just WALK in at anytime (I got distracted. Still no excuse).

The good news is, all of the posts are still here.

I’ll be updating and tweaking the blog in the next few days. I have an announcement I’m going to make. It got everything to do with the new version of this site, so stay tune.

Also, I would like to say a “Happy Father’s Day” to the REAL fathers. The ones that are actually there to take care of their kids. While I don’t have a Father’s Day special, I do have a post about Rhymefest stepping up his game as a dad.

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