Lazy Saturday Link Ups #2: Obama/McCain Edition

Once again, I’m doing a round up of this week’s best posts as well as some interesting posts I found out and about on my web travels. So, here’s what I round up for #2.

To be honest, I only posted up three things this week, so there linkups are only for outside Thought Remixer.

Plus, I figured “Hey. I am not showing no Obama love.” Next week, you’ll find out why. But in the meantime, here’s some Obama love displayed by others.

Outside of Thought Remixer Posts

  • Something to Pounder – Obama/Biden Vs. McCain/Palin (SerenityLife’s blog)
    Just think for a second, what if the shoe was on the other foot? Jennifer reposted some interesting thoughts on the two most important teams on politics today. (BTW, she did not wrote this, but I can’t find the person who did.)
  • EXCLUSIVE LEAK: McCain’s Latest Attack Ad (
    Jay Smooth provides McCain’s latest attack ad. But I haven’t seen this one on TV. Then again, I don’t have television.
  • Def Comedy Jam (rhythm and bliss)
    Just in case you missed “The Roasting of Obama and McCain), Ms Shai give her two cents on the roastings. But so did Miss Info. Ms Shai said Obama, Miss Info says McCain. I say “it’s weird they are roasting one another. I’m undecided.”
  • Kanye West’s Blog is Biting! (Miss Info)
    It’s not Obama related, but I can’t really overlook this one. Miss Info covers the heat NY Magazine and Kanye West, who accuses Kanye’s Blog of plagiarism.
  • Long time coming… (rhythm and bliss)
    Ms. Shai, once again, giving her thoughts on Colin Powell’s possible (and long overdue) endorsement for Obama. She covers things… in a funny way. Plus… a video of an Obama impression
  • Pep Talk For The Nxt Db8 (Mancho Sauce Productions on YouTube)
    Republican Commentator shows how John McCain can win the 3rd debate (this was recorded October 9). Now note… yes, I am linking to a black republican comedian.
  • Highlights from the 3rd Debate (Lisa Nova on YouTube)
    Careful. It’s NOT what you think. These are two impersonators. A cool comedy skit with two guys… that can easily pass for junior versions of Obama and McCain.

Hope to work hard next week! Enjoy your weekend (or what’s left of it).

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