Lazy Saturday Link Ups #1 [IN]

Well, I’m working on a blog post for October 15. I rather put my energy into fleshing out a good post for you guys. So instead, I’m introducing “Lazy Saturday Link Ups”. Basically, this is my chance to not only review posts I posted up, but to show you guys outside blogs I’ve been reading and vibing with. So, for the first round of posts coming at you.

Enjoy your Weekend!

Thought Remixer Posts

Outside Thought Remixer

  • The Candy Connection
    Talk Show Host in Training, Miss Candy talks about a wide range of topics. Mostly geared towards a mature audience. (Also, this link is make up for the lack of showing up for her shows as of late. I’m sorry, Candy, been busy.)
  • The Effortless Soul of Jazmine Sullivan (The Makings of Me)
    My friend MR (real life friend who hides being her intials) don’t post often, but when she does, it’s usually worth a read. She convinced me to listen to Jazmine Sullivan, a soulful singer that I do enjoy. Her review is worth reading.
  • God shed your grace on thee  (rhythm and bliss)
    Ms. Shai is one part intellectual, one part satirist and one part comedian. Just when you think she makes an interesting point, she then decides to throw something you didn’t expect. This post is about one of her “enlightments”. The ending is a woot.
  • 316 Reelsolid.TV s03 ep034 – “New Spirit” (Bill Cammack)
    Jay Smooth. A guy that I want to be like when I grow up. (hey!) But what does Bill Cammack have to do with illdoctrine? He remixed “The Ballad of The Lil’ Hater” with Jay’s introduction to “The Lil’ Hater” to create “New Spirit”. Just watch, and you’ll get the idea.
  • RIP 1520 Sedwick Ave (The Smoking Section)
    Earlier in the year, I wrote a post about the Birthplace of Hip-Hop being up on the auction block. The deal ended on a sad note, with the buyer successfully purchased the building. Contra gives his thoughts in a short and sweet commentary.
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  • Bill Cammack

    Hey Nukirk. Thanks for the repost! 😀

    Cheers! 😀

  • Mo

    this is such a good idea. thanks 4 showing luv.

  • Nukirk

    You’re welcome! You deserve it! :)