Kiss My Ass, Anti-Obama Movement!



When I heard the phase “Kiss My Ass,” I can’t help but to think of… Vince McMahon.  After all, he did had the “Kiss My Ass Club” when he played the “evil chairman” in the WWE skits. (Does he still play “evil”? I mean, it’s been a while since I last saw this program)

So, why would I bring up Vince? Because this Former President Bill Clinton.

According to the Telegraph, a United Kingdom news site, Bill Clinton (our now former first black President) said that he is so bitter about the defeat, that he recently told friends that Democratic Presidential Nominee would have to “kiss his ass” before he wholeheartedly support Obama. My question is… why does a website OUTSIDE of the country got to this first? Maybe he’s not ready to… oh, wait… maybe he is ready to “play nice”.

Now, recently, Obama and Ms. Clinton called for unity within the Democratic Party. While they did pull out all some stops to show unity, there are some people who rather sit on their hands and no vote for Obama or worse… vote for McCain. There’s a group called “Just Say No Deal” and the Nobama Network, a network of over 100 websites explaining why voting for Obama would be a bad idea. While Bill Clinton is not a member, maybe he might join? It’s funny how very few people mention a third party, or rather transfer their energy to a 3rd choice, if they really are passionate about not voting for Obama.

Of course, there are some people who like to express their feelings offline… by tagging cars. I’m so looking forward to the next townhall meeting on how Hip-Hop made these bastards tag people’s cars.

So why all the outrage? Well, one major reason is because Obama stolen the election and Clinton has more of the popular votes. However, according to Real Clear Politics, Obama did won the majority of the popular vote… by a mere 41,622 … if you exclude Michigan. If you include Michigan, Clinton did won the popular vote… just no delegates from that state. Sadly, without the Delegates vote, you won’t be able to go to the big dance.

Another major reason is the media calling the shots. However, the biggest one is that the Democratic voters of Clinton is saying that the Democratic Party basically gave us Obama. If this statement is true (and I’m pretty sure I will get facts about this), this can put Obama in a pickle.

However, Obama not only have to put up with the Anti-Obama movement. He also have to put up…

… wait for it…

… wait for it…

… Fox News.

The first reported one was a graphic claiming the following:


Now, either Michelle Malkin (my baby mama pictured in all her glory) nor any of the people onscreenA2B said it. They also refer to the pound aka “daps” as a “terrorist fist jab” (Pictured Right). Hmmm… why do people get so worked up over a pound? I mean, can I think of someone outside the black race that done it? I can’t for the LIFE of me find one picture of another person other than black people bumping fist. Oh well.

As the “Anti-Obama” movement grows, Obama himself seem to be putting up defenses. He recently launched a Anti-Smear site, making him the person to google for Anti-Smear. (Seriously, if you put Anti-Smear in either google or yahoo, people will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.) However, there’s people considering to up their own anti-anti-smear stories, which to combat smears of the anti-smears. So, from today, I promise to create a anti-anti-anti smear site called “3xAnti”. I promise to battle all the anti-antis… for smores.

Obama himself seem to be distancing himself from certain people as well to give him. It was reported that an Obama staffer refused to offer seats to two Muslim women because of their head scarfs. They did this for the fear that the pictures maybe used to re-enforce that he’s Muslim (which he’s not). I guess anything to protect his image is a good move, but even I think this one was done in bad taste.

Hopefully (no pun intended) this will be the minor of the attacks. However, it’s still didn’t reach “ugly” just yet. So, Mr. Obama, allow me to welcome you to the real dirty politics. If you can survive this much and still win, then what’s 4 years of this, huh? *lil’ laughs and sighs* It’s gonna be a long ass 4 months…

You thoughts have been updated(?)… because I can’t remix this shit…

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  • Slapnutz Malone 2: The Return

    the uk article was bollocks. Even if Bill had said that, I would understand him being like fuck Obama. But this is not the case. They are politicians. so…

    I like the way Barack put that. “intemperate”

    He had to back Hilary’s play. He didn’t have a choice. He would not allow the opinion to arise that there was a voice of descent in Hilary’s camp and that the voice was her former president husband.

    Maybe his hand was forced, maybe not. Either way, the Obama-Clinton power ticket looks well on its way to being a reality. What better advisor could you possibly have than a former president. Especially if his wife is Vice. Then you can be assured that his advice will be in the spirit of benefitting you.