Jasiri – Performance @ Planet Groove

Years ago… like a long time ago… when BET was… you know, relevant… there was a show called “Planet Groove”. It’s a music talk show, with celebrities and the whole 9. However, it did feature “out of the box” entertainment. In other words, poets.

Now, blurring spoken word with music is always tricky, especially when you never practice with the band. That’s what makes this piece so special. Jasiri (not to be confused with the rapper Jasiri X) was a poet who appeared on the show and did a spoken word piece with the band… after rarely practicing with them. He nailed the performance in one take, which can say a lot about his skill.

The poem itself is true to form. It’s an abstract piece that you have to listen to a few times before really understand it. Some may understand it the first time. Others may understand it after the fifth time. But he talks about the ghetto mentality in a way that you can visually see what he’s talking about. Pretty slick.

I had the clip in my hard drive for a while, but I figured to share it with you. So, I upload it and now showing it to you.

So, I hope you enjoy this performance like I have and still will. :)

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