Introducing "Productive Tactics"

If you have been login on to the old forum, you might have noticed a forum called "Productive Tactics", but have no idea what it means. Now, it repeats in and you are still wondering… "what is this section about?"

Well, "Productive Tactics" is a category that explores ways to improve your productivity and your life in general. I figured this would be a cool place to post up tips on new web sites, software and "mind hacks" that you can use to network, mingle and basically improving yourself… without getting all Oprah on you.

I can hear you now: this type of topic is a little strange. Well, here’s why I think it’s cool.

  • You can save a lot of time by putting your best foot forward. Education on that will help you get started.
  • You can make your day more interesting and get more done without guilt.
  • And let’s not forget when you can save time, you can probably save a bit of cash yourself, and possibly earn more money!

Cool, huh? Well, how do you get started?

First off, you have to be open-minded to new ideas. Second, you can also look up "life hacks", "mind hacks" and also productivity hacks. You don’t have to go crazy into it like certain people, but you do have to apply these methods into your daily life and don’t over think them.

I will only write posts that I feel can benefit the average person. If you do like the subject and want to talk about more ways to be more productive, the forum on is always open.

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