ThoughtRemixer Interview: Shane Eli Giving Himself “The Push”


What’s up people? The interview you been waiting for is finally up!

In this interview, I chop it up with Shane Eli, an upcoming “Super Producer” who’s becoming a staple at DJBooth.Net and slowly popping up all over the net and even on Fox Business. His latest single “Happiest Regret”, is getting good reviews from DJs and fans alike. But who is this guy who is well received, and yet he’s have no major backings?

Well, in this interview, we will get to know Shane Eli a bit. We cover the areas such as:

  • Why he decided to go the independent route from the get-go instead of getting sign to a record company.
  • The difficulty he faces working 24/7 as a musician with another full-time job.
  • His feelings behind his first single “Grey Area”.
  • How exactly did he landed the Fox Business Interview?
  • Balancing social media life and promotion with his “real life”.
  • His plans to create himself as a brand (or not).
  • How he learned to produce music, his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Finally, his advice to others on following their dreams.
  • Plus, some other random thoughts from the both of us…

The interview is about 20 minutes long, featuring Shane Eli’s instrumentals from “The Push” in the background. I hope you fine this interview entertaining and helps you get to know Shane Eli a bit more.

Download Interview if you have problems listening to it.

While you are here, you can also read up on my thoughts of Shane Eli’s music and catch that Fox Business interview we talked about. Lastly, the interview was record 5/2/10. During the interview, I admitted that I didn’t know what he was going to do next week. Well, Diggy Simmons released his latest single and video off his first mixtape, produced by Shane Eli.

Who knows what’s going to happen when “The Push” finally drops…

Updated (May 21, 2010 3:15 PM): Seems that there is an issue with the interview uploaded to divshare (which has became a tad annoying). I’m posting the interview up directly instead. There is also an option to download it.

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