I’m More Scared Of Your Supporters & You, Ms. Clinton…


You know, win or lose, I think either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton is a lot better than Senator John McCain. In my lifetime, I hope to see a black president or a woman run the office. But what’s more important is the issues at sake here. So, let’s all remember… that no matter who wins the Democratic party, we should all unify to make sure that whoever we want in the office wins. We want a better solution to the current problems facing the world today. And the more energy that person has, the better they will get into office…

… so with this in mind, I am not all that thrilled about the supporters of Senator Clinton. I read in the New York AM today that two of Clinton’s supporters will not vote for Obama if Clinton loses the primary. Now, I am a strong supporter of who will get the job done best and I feel that Obama is the better candidate. And as time goes on, Senator Clinton and her team have been doing some rather… questionable stuff.

First, Obama raised $36 million via supporters in January. Then reports after that showed the Hillary loaned $5 million to her own campaign to keep up with Obama. Considering that the President’s salary is about way lower per year, one would have to consider why she would spend $5 million of her own money to play catch up. When advertising did not work, Clinton then went as far as copying some of Obama’s sayings into her own campaign with her own spin. Instead of a "Yes, We Can" like Obama, she says "Yes, We Will!". Then when copying doesn’t work and Obama keeps winning, then one of her aides accused Obama of plagiarism. And with that, she (along with McCain) is now pushing experience over words. Sadly, instead of playing a calm and collected person, she’s playing cards that are making her look somewhat childish while Obama speaks with confidence.

As we wait to see what the other states will say, we have to wonder… do we really want someone like this running the country? A leader have to perform well under any and many trying circumstances and Clinton failed some tests of conviction. What I’m even a bit more concern about is her supporters. Some of them wanting a female president so much that if she fails to get nominated, the Democratic party may lose their votes. I want a black president as much as any other black person, but I think if Obama failed and we had Clinton and whoever, then we want the best person for the job. The Black/White issues shouldn’t be a concern… not at this important stage.

However, I think after all is said and done, I feel that Clinton supporters should think about what you want to experience in the next four years… and if you rather think "fair taxes" or "resolving Iraq’s problem" or "restoring America’s trust" or any topic you think of is less important than a "First Female President"… then I think you better remix your way of thinking before it’s too late.

In the meantime… Go Obama! (Sorry… gotta do it)

Edit 2/22/08: Edited the last paragraph just to clarify what I meant.

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  • Slapnutz Malone 2: The Return

    Has the democratic ticket been reduced to a gimmick ticket? Black or female? Have we forgotten the issues? Have they been traded for hope of a historic first?

    The seperation in the democratic nomination scares me. Those who would vote for Clinton saying they would not vote for Obama if he should win raises questions that should not come into play. Are you voting for her because of her gender? Would you not vote for him because of his race? Are you so lost that you can’t remember why you vote Democrat in the first place?

    I believe that Senator Clinton’s crying episode may have helped her in the short term…helping her win a few sympathy votes. But in the long run, she may have pulled a Howard Dean: too much emotion to be considered a legitimate contender for the throne… I mean presidency.

    I would not be suprised seeing a President McCain or President Obama. I am a working class mother fucker, as are many of the cats reading this, and I have to pull for the Democrat in the race. Haven’t we had 7 years too much Republican?

    But is the real problem that the president of our country is just a figurehead? Am I just too much of a conspiracy theorist? Maybe so.

    Answer this: When was the greatest time in your life? Did it have anything to do with the president at the time? I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts the answer is no.

    So what is the point? If nothing else, our president should inspire. He(or she) should instill hope and project the strength of our nation.

    Enter: Obama