How To Use Publicity – Hip-Hop and Palin

Hip-hop. Some moments I love. Others I wonder “what the f*ck?” And this is one of those sad moments…

In what seems to be a desperate call for attention, Kevin, a member of Draft Pick, uploaded this video, claiming to be Bristol Palin (Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter) true baby’s father.

Of course, he’s staying quiet on this. Draft Pick is leaving their fan base guessing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m one for taking advantage of an opportunity. However, this is one of those opportunities one can afford to miss. Why? Because this is one touchy topic. Given, he does speak a lot of truths in this video. There are real fathers been blocked out of their children’s lives. Some by choice (they are lil’ boys and pricks), others not by choice (but they are being hound down for checks and can’t see their children).

However, to use this to further advance your career might end it before it starts. There’s people who take things literally… too literally. This is not "In Living Color" and some people don’t have a sense of humor. Karma is pretty funny and there’s a good chance you will be seeing this woman in the future… and she’s gonna be like "we’re not amused."

If you are looking at this video at face value, it’s actually kind of spotty. There’s no possible way that this boy can be the father. Also, don’t tell me that Palin’s going to sue. Sue for what? If anything (and if she was actually smart), she’ll just let this boy have his way for the next couple of weeks and avoid him.

Besides, I think Palin got a lot more to worry about than Hip-Hop…

Update (3:14 PM):

Bristol Palin baby’s father speaks pt.3

Well, it turned out he finally admits that he’s not the father and distorted the facts on purpose to make a political statement. He’s basically using himself as an example of how people search for the minor stuff. Sadly, what he’s young mind can’t seem to grasp is that he’s one of the distractions.

However, what’s even sadder is that there are gullible people who still thinks he being paid off to shut up.

But let’s look at the good things of the video. He did managed to throw a lot of people off and he did use this as a chance to show how we can become easily distracted during an election year. He made an outstanding case for fathers who really want to be with their children, but can’t because of stupid petty ish. There are some gems if you look past the title and the slyness of his craft… it’s not a video without a message and he gets kudos for that.

However, it’s one of those distractions we don’t really need at this time. Yes, a bi-racial baby with a 17 year old daughter of a Republican would have make an interesting news story. But honestly, this topic really doesn’t matter because it’s underage people getting babies is not a new subject. It’s just on a bigger stage and he took it one step further and decided to promote his music.

This is one of those those Hip-Hop moments that will be talked about for about as long as fame lasts minus 10.

While I do applaud the video for what it is… I’m going to forget about it by tomorrow.

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