Hilliary Clinton & The Crying Game

Congratulations goes out to Hillary Clinton for winning the New Hampshire’s seal of approval. However, this victory seem to be very questionable. Did she won because of her platform, her can-do attuide, the “change is needed” chants that’s all the rage… or was it because of the “emotional break down” that the media just eat up?

That’s right, if anything, I feel that she got a “sympathy vote”, the only tactic a female can use and with pride. (Feminist, please calm down. It wasn’t a direct blow towards you.) However, just like in any game, a win’s a win, no matter how it’s won. I just hope that the voters voted because of the platform their representatives are fighting for and not for what they pull on the platform that they are standing. After all…

… Ronald Regan was an actor.

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