Hillary Clinton Won… but 40% Uncommitted Votes? Does Michigan Count?

First off, sorry that I’m making this blog more about politics than anything else. However, this is what I feel like talking about at the moment. I swear, it will balance out more as time goes by.

Now, as you may know, Hillary Clinton won last night by a whooping 55% in Michigan. However, 40% of the votes that didn’t count towards Hillary were "uncommitted". Wither these votes goes towards Obama or Edwards is pretty much anyone’s guess. However, there seem to be a strong favoring of Obama over Edwards.

While another state is in the bag, the comments that Ms. Hillary Clinton made over the past few days might had doomed her. The "buzz" for Obama had recently climbed. Also, the delegates voting have Obama leading by 1 vote over Clinton. The Delegate votes here count even more than the popular vote and the country seems to be favoring Obama. Democrats have no Delegate votes from Michigan, so guess what? Yep, Michigan doesn’t count! I’m guessing that the delegates would had voted from Obama or Edwards, but choose not to vote "Uncommitted" as well. It’s still anyone’s game, but my vote (personally) isn’t going to be sway towards Clinton. I feel that Clinton personally doomed herself with the Bob Johnson incident.

And not to be too pro-democratic here, on the Republican side, it seems that Romney seems to be a shoo in from the November run. McCain, as popular as he is, just isn’t turning out the polls. I suggest maybe he should drop out. The game is going to either Romney or Huckabee.

I call… Barack Obama Vs. Huckabee. I think running mates would be John Edwards Vs. Mike Huckabee. Why John Edwards? I have a funny feeling that Hillary won’t consider a Vice-President position. But that’s just me.

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