Hiatus: See Y’all During March Madness…

Hiatus: A break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

Good news! I’m getting an “edumacation”! Sadly, it’s a boot camp session, and I’ll be way to busy to post up more thoughts. I will be focusing on getting a new skill and once I have that, then I will be able to get more free time. Also, it have nothing to do with the certifications (posted on deviantArt and my personal blog on my.life-remixed.com).

So, I will see you guys March 1st. So, check out my.life-remixed.com in the meantime. I’m pretty sure there’s a ruckus going on… I mean, after all…  we are talking about how Jazz is connected to Hip-Hop, the political discussions are getting rather interesting, and some of y’all are posting pictures up… talk about a party.

Oh… and Slapnutz’ being his usual self

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