Help “Rate The Debates” to Avoid Spin Doctors [LinkUp]

Rate the Debates

With an important election coming up, who do you want to trust? A bias media or the people? If it’s the people, may I make a quick suggestion?

Watch the debate on your favorite channel and right after it, head to this website to the left called “Rate The Debate” and put in your 2 cents on the Debate. Tonight is the only debate of Vice-President candidates, Senator Joe Buttons… I mean, Joe Biden and Governor of the great state of Alaska Sarah “Hockey Mom/Pig with Lipstick” Palin. After the debate, just keep it fresh in your mind and give your honest opinion. I recommend going that route before listening to the “spin doctors” aka the PR reps who works in “Deception Lane”.

Rate The Debate is run by FreePress, an organization dedicated to media reform. They are national and nonpartisan, so don’t worry about leaning to the left or the right. They walk a straight line!

So go there and sign up! – FreePress “Rate The Debates”

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