Guilty Pleasure: Hi Hater (Remix) Ft. T.I., Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss & Fabulous

So… as proof that I like a bit of mainstream, here’s "Hi Hater” remix I’ve been feeling. Of course, I’m now labeling these songs “Guilty Pleasures” as in songs I usually won’t admit to liking.

I’ll admit. I’ve been bumping T.I. for a minute. Jadakiss and Fabulous have been on my radar for a minute. Maino… *sighs* this guy isn’t really on the top of my list. But you gotta admit… he’s making a movement with them damn t-shirts. So, he at least get a nod on my music player for a while. After all, he’s on my phone and was hanging for a bit on my personal MySpace spot for a few weeks until I replaced him with a spoken word artist. So, he’s to you Maino… and to those that think I shouldn’t be featuring this…

… hi hater.

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