Going To Talk Hip-Hop Tech and Internet

What’s old is new again. Yes, I’m going to put the “digi-tal” back into my posts.

As some of you may recall, earlier in the way, I was talking about websites and applications from a hip-hop perspective. Then I canned it thanks to a survey from regulars. However, the hardcore regulars are slowly turning into casual people and there’s new people here. So, instead of launching two separate blogs and confusing the hell out of people, I decide to keep it all on one blog, this blog. Because I do aim to remix thoughts and one of those thought I would like to mos definitely remix are the growing people that blame the internet for the “death of hip-hop”. So, in the weeks to come, I’ll be pounding out these type of posts along with the usual and see if it’s a fit to all the new heads reading my posts, appreciating my thoughts and subscribing to my RSS feed.

And if the last thing I said to you sound a bit geeky, then maybe you need to bookmark my site now and stay tuned!

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