Friday Night Fights… er, Debates

obama_mccain_080201_mn Just in case you were not in the know, last night was the first of three debates between Presidential hopefuls Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama. I’m going to comment on eight things.

  1. Why only Obama and McCain? Are there other parties? Yes, there are more than two parties. However, Ralph Nader, one of the third party nominates was not invited to the debates. Why? Nader himself explains on this site. 
  2. There’s not enough questions about China.
  3. I felt the moderator was a bit loose. At times, he did seem to lose control of the debates. Too many questions need to be “clear up”.
  4. John McCain falls back on his “war record”. I don’t like the idea that McCain uses his war records and throwing out his pleas to the vets out there. Most vets fight so they don’t see their children fight.
  5. John McCain’s feels as thought “war” is the only solution. Just listen to the debate. He sounds a bit too willing to wage war.
  6. Barack Obama’s a lil’ bit rough on Osama. Did anyone noticed he said the word “kill bin Laden”? I think John almost never mention Osama Bin Ladan, but Obama said “Kill Bin Laden” at least twice.
  7. Barack Obama called John McCain, “John”. I’m not the only one who caught this. Dan Charnas caught this as well. I think his explanation of why Obama did this is a lot better than mine.
  8. Now I want a freaking bracelet. All this talk about bracelets. I’m amazed that McCain came up with that and Obama just COUNTER-ATTACK that. Just one question… why did he had to look up the name? McCain managed to do it flawlessly.
  9. Did McCain said “Horseshit”? I did not catch this the first time around, but the second time… yep, I think he said that no wonder…
  10. Twitter should be a place to debate the debate! Twitter should be a stop for everyone to debate the debate. Some points where brought up due to the Twitter discussions I had with friends.

My overall impression? I do have respect for John McCain. If anything, I will give him his due on what he have done for this country. However, I don’t feel that he’s the right leader. Obama is still strong…

… I just wish for a second that there’s more choices for the people.

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