Feb 4, 2011: Relaunching New Site + Vlog Series: TRX

On Feb 4, 2011, Thought Remixer will be relaunched with new blog posts as well as a new vblog (video series) called TRX. TRX is a new series which will follow Thought Remixer’s rants and How-To’s/Advice on how to handle technology and your life with Nukirk’s thought-provoking commentary and eccentric sense of humor.

The current design of Thought Remixer is going through some much needed changes and will be up for the Feb 4th relaunch. We will be focusing on three areas:

Soapbox – Rants/debates are pretty much what this blog is made of. Rants will be made in Social Media, Black American Culture, politics and Music.

Knowledge – Because of the mixture of social media and tech, I decided to put up some “how-to’s”. They used to be “every once in a while”, but now, I’ll make it one of the focuses in the blog. Also, I will venture outside of tech from time to time and talk advice on how to handle day-to-day situations.

Music – #MusicMonday reviews and longer music discussions will still be one of the main topics here. Music is always a big part of my life and I intend to use Thought Remixer to give insight on independent music as well as mainstream.

However, music singles will be promoted/discussed via #HipHopJourney to prevent over posting.

2011 is going to be a great year to be a Thought Remixer!

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