1. What’s the site’s about?
    This is a Black/Hip-Hop Commentary/Tech Blog. It’s my own personal views of hip-hop as well as black news, mainstream news, and consumer technology and social networks.
  2. What about you?
    I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do claim to be entertaining.
  3. Why do you have so much “old school” videos?
    Because that’s what I mostly listen to. And to correct you, they are mostly videos within the last decade, not before I was born. (Maybe before you was born, perhaps) I do feature a “new school” music videos every once in a while, but when you really think about it, this is not a typical hip-hop blog.
  4. Do you have anything against new school videos?
    No, I just don’t really don’t have time to watch them. I’m a freelancer AND an artist. I can’t post up more than two blog posts a day, if I even get around to that. 😀
  5. Are you “The Boondocks Fan?”
    (This site and “TheBoondocksFan.com” is linked… so…) Yes, I orginially ran “The Boondocks Fan”. I’m trying to make sure that the domain and any Boondocks related posts go into a sub-section. However, please note that I’m not covering just the Boondocks anymore. When I find out ANY news, I’ll blog about it. Don’t ask me questions about the Boondocks not because it annoys me, but because the information I put out there is about as much as I know at this time. Thanks.
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