Exclusive MIMS Interview: March 23, 2008 + Preview

Basically, I want to promote this interview as much as possible before actually releasing it. But some people think I didn’t actually did the interview. So, I decided to throw up a preview of said interview. So what exactly can you expect Mims to talk about? Here are the details:

  • His reasons why “This Is Why I’m Hot” was one of the hottest tracks of 2007.
  • Why he’s not a “ringtone rapper” and how he can’t be a one-hit wonder.
  • He’s declaring an open challenge to other artists (and you) about his music.
  • Why he called his album “Guilt”.
  • His feelings about Barack Obama and how Barack Obama inspired him.
  • His current plans and things most of his fans didn’t know about him (nor Wikipedia).
  • Social Media & why all artists should “get lost” if they don’t take it seriously.
  • And who exactly ARE you talking to on his MySpace, Twitter and Facebook profiles.
  • Plus: Why does he feel connected with me? (You got to read the post and hear what he did)

The following clip is just a close to 2 minute preview just to tease you. Yes, feel free to get pissed at when I cut it off.

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