Exactly How Do We Beat… er, Senator Clinton

While the video I posted pokes fun at Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic election… there was one woman who asked Senator McCain exactly how do we beat Senator Clinton… but in a way that surprised even me.

I heard of being caught off guard, but this takes the cake. Hey, I guess even Conservatives gotta let off steam somehow. I’m just waiting for the N-word now. It’s gonna happen. Chris Rock will have a field day when that happens!

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  • Slapnutz Malone 2: The Return

    It really is a very good question. To beat her soundly, in such a way that leaves no doubts, you’ll need

    1. a fifth of Jack
    2. a wife beater(not optional)
    3. a leather belt

    Wrap the belt around your hand a couple times leaving your oversized buckle swinging(this step used to be skipped by our black readers, but with the arrival of Lil Jon and several other rappers, the buckle can be utilized).
    Alternated punches and buckle strikes with the occasional kick in the ribs are required to accomplish the desired blood spattered bride effect.


    Sorry. My chick has me watching too much Lifetime. If you watch those movies and don’t stick around for the end, you’d swear it was a video blueprint on how to beat the shit out of nice ladies!

    I’m just glad a woman said it. If it had been a man, it would have started a shitstorm of fingerpointing. “OOOOOOOU! You said a bad word!”

    It’s not that is was said or who said it that bothers me. It’s how it was handled by McCain. He laughed it off and fielded the question like it wasn’t nothing! I think he was trying to get to the answer of a question that the woman herself hadn’t really even considered, I imagine. I figure she just wanted to say bitch to John McCain and get some attention. “He’ll remember me now!” kind of thing.

    If things go Barack’s way the day after this post, McCain will not have to worry about beating her.