Evernote: A Lyricist’s Best Friend


When it comes to writing down my song/poem or comic ideas, I’ll always have a pen and pad by my side. It’s the tools of the trade and I do carry them with me @ all times. All emcees and poets got to have this. My tools, however, are additions to the pen and pad. It’s my computer and a cell phone.

To store all my little ramblings, I use a note-taking database program called Evernote. It’s the same software that I reviewed sometime ago and I would like to share with you exactly what I use it for. Here are a few examples I hope you’ll enjoy.

Comic Script Ideas and Musical One Liners

Striply Drama (which is being re-release sometime this year) is based on my everyday happenings. And trust me, everyday some thing new pops up. So, I always have Evernote open. When something happens and I’m near a computer, I enter the idea quick for later use. But what about when I’m away from the computer? I would use my cell phone and send a text to my Evernote account online. Or if I need to do it quickly, I’ll call up Jott and send the note there. That’s faster than typing and not to mention I get to work on my speech skills. :) This is also great for capturing those one liners.

When looking for my lines and ideas later, I just sync the Evernote on my desktop. I got so many ideas capture, I doubt the world will ever see them all.

Improving My Vocabulary and Capturing Quotes

I do not really have a great vocabulary and admire people who always manages to find the right word. So, when they say something I would like to recall later, that gets typed up or entered into the system as well. If I’m not by the computer, I’ll just use my Jott or my texting.

And nothing beats recalling real life uses of words. Review these on a daily basis and it’s better than picking up a vocabulary book!

The Open Mic Event Flyers and Business Cards

I got a flyer for an Open Mic. And yet, I don’t want to carry it. So, instead, I’ll take a picture and send it to my Evernote account. Since it recognizes words in images, I will have no problems when I look up “Open Mics”.

I can also do this with business cards. Rather do that than being a packrat.

Blog Entries

Hmmm… another “anti-Al Sharpton” testimony on the web. I’m actually collecting notes on these. I’ll just copy this to my Evernote for later. Since I use my computer offline when writing at times, I’ll be able to recall the notes, along with images if I choose to use them. This is a much better way to capture notes than saving the web page.

(FYI: The Sharpton article will be posted sometime this month)

Novels and Short Stories

I love writing novels. However, I don’t really have the time to write them. So, I use Evernote to store characters, construction ideas and brainstorming. After a while, parts of it get written, little by little. And it will be ready when I’m ready.

Writing My Poem/Songs… When I’m Not Near My Laptop.

I’m writing down a great idea… but it seems something is missing. Oh, yeah… I wrote something for this song before. I could wait until I get home to finish it up… but I want to finish it right now while it’s fresh! Since I got it on Evernote and since I got access to the mobile version, I’ll just log on and find what is it I was trying to recall. There, now I’ll be able to finish this up.

So, there you have it. A few ideas of how to use Evernote. If you would like to find out how to use Evernote on your computer and mobile phone, check out their website. It’s a closed beta… however, I do got some invites, so if you want one, just leave a comment. Just do me a favor and put your e-mail address in the e-mail and say you would like one.

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  • Amanda

    Hello! I am a writer and would love to try evernote for many of the reasons you list here in your article. :) If you have any invites left I would love one! Thanks so much!