Eartha Kitt (1927-2008) – I Want to Be Evil

Sexy, defined. Eartha Kitt was basically that. The multi-talented woman passed away yesterday, Christmas Day. I recall her from the old Batman series with Adam West. I’m not going to lie and say this is where I learn sexy from, but I definitely liked her style. She most famous for “Santa Baby”, so I could have put up that song yesterday and called it a day. However, I spend some extra time looking for a video of Catwoman because this is how I remembered her. However, I bumped into this Live performance of her performing I Want to Be Evil performed in 1962. Her facial expressions, her actions and switch up between angelic and wicked can pretty much sum up how I remember her. Wickedly wonderful. She defined what sexy should be… and didn’t even have to strip.

But if you rather see her in a more… er, recent form, I can clearly say that only Eartha can sound sexy and creepy at the same time, check out this scene she did in Boomerang in 1992.

She’ll be missed.

For an overview of her life and another blogger’s opinion about her, check this blog out.

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  • ifelicious

    Eartha Kitt was truly an icon. There are few entertainers out there with a style distinctively their own and defining creativity in new lights. She will be truly missed.