Do You! – Just Brewin’ by Roy B. Swygert

Cartoonist Mr. Controversial, who formerly used to draw “Striply Drama”, my own little creation, is a student of art. Currently attending art school in Georgia State, he’s working hard to become a full-time cartoonist. He’s following his dream and of course, doing it on his own terms.

For the first “Do You!”, I’m featuring his own webcomic called Just Brewin’. The story follows a sarcastic student named Roy (yes, the character is somewhat based off the author. He even looks like him.), who just started his second year of college. After reading a poem called “Doormat” in class, a student invited him to an Open Mic session at the local coffeehouse. He reluctantly go to the Open Mic, only to be thrown into a world that he just wasn’t prepared for.

Even thought it just started, Just Brewin’ does have a following of artists that read Roy’s journals, which of course are thought provoking as well (although, he writes a lot of personal entries. He averages over 50 comments per posting of his artwork as well as his journal entries). He’s also an active member of LR and used to be a moderator for The Boondocks before it’s closing. He’s coming on his own and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this artist.

To start reading the comic Just Brewin’ , click on the comic below. You can click on the “Next” to go to the next page or “Recent” to look at the most recent comic. To date, there are 9 pages and new ones are released every Friday. One thing about web comics, however, is that they tend to be a bit late, which is understandable when you are a one-man band and you’re doing it just for the love of it. If you are a deviantArt member, visit the Just Brewin’ deviantArt profile and watch him to get updates. Also, visits Mr. Controversial‘s profile on My.LR. Lastly, visit Mr. Controversial’s deviantArt profile.

Just brewin’ 01 by ~justbrewin on deviantART

About Do You!

Do You! is a section of LR that features either members of LR or up-and-coming creative artists that I would like to promote. It can be art, music, poetry or even outspoken entries in blogs. There is a new “Do You!” every Friday. To get feature on LR, simply hit “Contact LR” and make yourself known. You don’t have to be a member of LR, but you must not have commercial dollars backing you up.

Update: Do you! is no more.

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